Amina – I Saw You Float Away


‘I Saw You Float Away’, as well as being a brilliant name for a song, is whimsical but well executed indie pop with all manner of sepia-tinged effects. Reminds me of early Stereolab (Candy Claws too), back when they were experimenting with synthesizers. Amina are moog operators themselves, as well as purveyors of vocal melodies that are splendidly haunting. As a result I was powerless to resist this effervescent delight. KH

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Year: 2018

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  1. Rich W.
    March 2, 2018

    ?? This is from 2015. It’s good, mind you, but not from 2018 as you’ve indicated.

    • hugger
      March 3, 2018

      Probably because it’s timeless!

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