Yan Sella – Turning Circles (Feat. Manchester Rain)


If you spy the promo vid for ‘Turning Circles’ you’ll love the visuals as they add the perfect companion piece for the pulsing ambiance created here. Suggests a higher state of consciousness, a fluid dance orientated mind which has absorbed the past and distilled it into something futuristic and tangible. The vocal shards are important and offer direction to the otherworldly swirls. May also appeal to those into indie dance past but also offer a pathway to a more refined kind of transcendence. Yep, it’s that good from the Lyon based electronic wizard. KH

Fresh Indie 2018mp3hugger’s Best New Music 2018

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Year: 2018

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  1. Gweb
    August 13, 2018

    Awesome track!!! This is dreamscape music

    • hugger
      August 14, 2018


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