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Evan Tyler and Topless Literati – You’re Hysterical

It doesn’t take too much noise to make a cult dance record and by that I mean it doesn’t need to thump thump you into dancefloor submission. All that is generally required is something just above the quietness of a […] 

Only Real – Can’t Get Happy

It was in the year of our lord 2013 that we first genuflected at the altar of Niall Galvin. He being the whirlwind behind what is becoming an unstoppable force known as Only Real. Back then the impossibly young Londoner […] 

Echo Lake – Sun

There’s a point on Echo Lake’s new album ‘Era’ where everything just drops into place, a gilded moment when Linda Jarvis’s voice soars in that graceful way of hers above a din of magnificent shoegaze delivered in part by Thom […] 

Rozi Plain – Actually

They (the mp3s) may not be flowing forth as frequently from mp3hugger these days but it is a mere temporary turtling I can assure you. In the meantime activities can be best observed via a spotify and fluence profile. Now […] 

Remi Miles – Riviera Girl

Brighton’s Remi Miles has managed to take the 80’s into the new century in so much that he has recorded a song that could have come from back then but has somehow had the wherewithal to not sound positively ancient […] 

Ghost Culture – Guidecca

James Greenwood as Ghost Culture lives in the magical world that is co-inhabited by Daniel Avery (hardly surprising then that they both reside on the same London record label). The collective drone logic appears to be that the earlier pioneers […] 

Cowbell – She’s All Over You

Truth be told I can’t tell my Farfisa from my Korg but the signature sound that emanates from Cowbell’s ‘She’s All Over You’ always has me in raptures. The Doors remain its finest purveyor and along the way the Inspiral […] 

Your Headlights Are On – We Real Cool, We

In 2011 a quartet of graduates from the improvised music programme at Trondheim University got together and recorded an album together under the name of Your Headlights Are On. Then they promptly disappeared without trace which is a shame given […] 

Pinkshinyultrablast – Holy Forest

Shoegaze, although it hit its peak over 2 decades ago, still contrives to accord us gems. Who’d have thought that a sound that is severely narrow in its approach could find the wherewithal to still induce shivers. St. Petersburg band […] 

Flower Jacket – Everybody Knows

Presenting a band in its first flush of youth so it is hardly surprising that their debut single is a loose collection of rolling brightness. Made up of a New Yorker and 3 others from Los Angeles Flower Jacket prove […] 

Myriam Gendron – Solace

While it sometimes feels as frustrating as the quest to discover life beyond our solar system there is an unquenchable joy in arriving at artists such as Montreal’s Myriam Gendron. It’s still early days but it seems the girl has […] 

Gengahr – Powder

For most bands it is a lottery, throwing your hat (and crucially your talent) into the ring with all the other like-minded souls with nothing more than the dream of riches (or at the very least a modicum of attention) […] 

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