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Bell Gardens – Take Us Away

Bell Gardens (comprised of Kenneth James Gibson and Brian McBride of Stars of the Lid fame) and the sound they make is not at all what you’d expect to arrive from the sultry streets of LA. This is sound to […] 

Top 35 Indie Songs From 2014

This is how our 2014 sounded (playing in reverse order) 35) Courtney Barnett – Avant Gardener 34) Jimi Goodwin – Terracotta Warrior 33) Manic Street Preachers feat. Cate Le Bon – 4 Lonely Roads 32) Tilbury – Great Expectations 31) […] 

Gemma Hayes – Iona

Personally I don’t think Gemma Hayes has ever stepped beyond the shadow of her beguiling turn on ‘Lay Lady Lay’ with Magnet way back in 2005. There’s no denying the Tipperary chanteuse talent but until this year’s ‘Bones + Longing’ […] 

Kormac – Everything Around Me

Dubliner DJ Kormac doesn’t do things by half. Not content with just supplying some of the coolest beats/brass/grooves of 2014 on his album ‘Doorsteps’ he also enlisted a myriad of arty celebrities (Irvine Welsh, Speech Debelle and most excitingly Micah […] 

Thurston Moore – The Best Day

Not sure how he does it but given his recent goods it appears as if Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore has lost none of his hunger for scuzzy chord-filled deities. With his band Sonic Youth dormant Moore has recruited a motley […] 

Oscillator Bug – Dearest, Arthur

It’s probably a consequence of not having as much time to dig deep into what is happening beyond the obvious that I’ve been missing out on acts like Oscillator Bug. A real shame too because it is rapturous quirks such […] 

Grouplove – Ways To Go

I heard this for the first time via the charm of a set of cheap speakers plugged into an even cheaper phone yet it sprung to life regardless. To be truthful it was the electronic pulses that resonated the most, […] 

Simian Ghost – Summer Triptych

It’s been so long since Sweden was defying the odds seemingly supplying splendid new bands at every turn. The same thing happened to Canada and for a while it was tic-tac between them to decide the epicentre for fresh and […] 

John Grant – GMF

It was perhaps Sean Rowe that got me to look beyond bards and their beards and instead focus on the music. For all that John Grant wasn’t too much of a stretch from Rowe’s colourful backstory and equally grizzly musical […] 

Fruit Bats – When U Love Somebody

This is a song of small contradictions, the type that is hard to turn away. Mostly it rolls like an alt country noodle but then there are subtle nuances into indie pop that give it a splendiferous edge. It comes […] 

Aphex Twin – Donkey Rhubarb

As if 13 years between releases wasn’t enough Limerick man Richard D. James has just marked his return with a classic slice of accessible electronica in ‘Minipops’ (and assorted codes with digits) which will form part of his comeback ‘Syro’ […] 

Shoes – Do I Get So Shy

Because the internet wasn’t around in the mid 1970’s Illinois band Shoes never stood a chance. Without an army of spotty bloggers in their corner it was always likely that songs as delicate and demo-sounding as ‘Do I Get So […] 

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