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Minnie Birch – Snowman

With a long stretch of holiday time still to come and the temperatures turning every scene into something from a Christmas card it is hard not to be joyful. And with little Hugger number 3 settling in well after her […] 

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan – Time of the Season

For much of the year it is Christmas time in my brain so when it actually comes around I get anxious about what I should be experiencing, somewhat scared that I will miss something. So this year I’ve decided to […] 

Damien Jurado – Kalla Hus

When the saccharine starts to rot teeth I always find it a nice tonic (sugar free) to stick on ye olde miserable Christmas music. In some ways that’s a bad description as a dose of reality in a hyperventilating atmosphere […] 

Ben Hood – This Year

With Christmas rolling around again the inevitable Indiecater festive compilation is shaking a snow globe in the face of everyone on the block. You should know the drill by now with this collection of Christmas songs attempting to offer some […] 

Laurie Cameron – Merry Christmas from Scotland (Lulled With a Stiff Drink)

Ok, that Petra Glynt track was probably a bit obtuse for early December so in an effort to redress the balance in favour of joy and triumphant sounds here is a beautiful track from Scottish bard Laurie Cameron. Although ‘Merry […] 


When it comes to listening to digital music iTunes remains the dominant player, not because it offers a particularly brilliant service (it offers a particularly poor one in my book) but because the proprietary obsessed Apple are behind it and […] 

Branches – Silent Night

Last year UNESCO declared the traditional carol ‘Silent Night’ an ‘intangible cultural heritage’. Coming as it did a year after L.A. band Branches decided to cover the classic one could easily put two and two together. In truth that’s probably […] 

A Great Big Christmas Post

It’s really happening now, the feeling that Christmas is finally here. This blog will soon be powering off but for the next couple of days we promise to turn this page into a giant snowball full of Christmas songs. Not […] 

Emmy The Great and Tim Wheeler – Home For The Holidays

This already has the feel of a sleeper classic, the way those Waitresses and St. Etienne/Tim Burgess songs have appeared from nowhere to become perennials on Best-Of Christmas comps. The song was the standout from last year’s impressive collaboration, called […] 

The Shins – Wonderful Christmastime

In what could have been a serious case of eggnog all over their collective faces the Shins have gone and taken on the endlessly cheery ‘Wonderful Christmastime’ by Paul McCartney. Thankfully they’ve decided to spice things up by styling it […] 

Liam Trimble, Jessica Jalbert, Sugarglider – O’ To Feel Your Warmth Tonight

Pretty sure we’d love this at any time of the year but given that it’s written about Christmas and we’re midway through December it seems particularly fetching. It comes from a label after our own heart called Old Ugly, based […] 

12 Indie Songs For Christmas ~ Volume One

You’ll know by now that we’re partial to the festive soundtrack and while the perennial crooners never grow stale it is always interesting to hear what is going on around the fringes. So here is the first of several volumes […] 

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