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Aurora – Under Stars

With the not so small matter of another small person that looks like us entering our lives I have had to put off writing here for a bit. Building up quite a stock of tunes mind you for the eventual […] 

Belle Mare – The Boat Of The Fragile Mind

Had Roy Orbison still been with us and all that, and much more besides. Like a cross pollination between Mahalia Jackson and James Vincent McMorrow this Brooklyn based duo create the sound of silence that you wish never ends. London’s […] 

The River Cry – Honeymoon

Hilary Woods’ debut album as the River Cry caught me by surprise. First and most pertinently because of the distance she has travelled from her previous incarnation as bass player with JJ72. Secondly and most enjoyably it is the strength […] 

Founds – Caves

It was on an early 90’s Dave Fanning 2fm session that Dolores O’Riordan first trembled those ‘so uncertain in love’ vocals. At that point, in a pre-blogosphere-discover-everything-that-ever-banged-a-saucepan age, it sounded like nothing else around and her fragily added to the […] 

Slowdive – Crazy For You

For a young lad so obsessed with the ins and outs of ‘Just For A Day’ and ‘Souvlaki’ it came as some shock when Slowdive dreamed up with ‘Pygmalion’ (pigs ear more like). It was a million miles from its […] 

The White Birch – Small Hours

So brittle yet so smoulderingly intense from Norway’s the White Birch. The band have broken up but they’ve left us with plenty of tear-stained classics over 5 albums. The falsetto which so illuminates their music came from Ola Fløttum who […] 

Radium88 – Sleepwalk (Warm Fuzzy Mix)


Call To Mind – A9


Nina Hynes – In A Million


Emily Rodgers – Hurricane

Simple yet so exotically delivered, ‘Hurricane’ is the promo from Emily Rodgers’ debut album ‘Bright Day’ (she also has an album with her full band Her Majestic Stars) which is due out in early October on Misra Records. There is […] 

The Cocteau Twins – Iceblink Luck

Put it down to some peculiar twist of character but I prefer the notion of what the Cocteau Twins sounded like to the actual evidence. I know this because I don’t have a particularly long list of their songs that […] 

Nina Hynes – Amhran Na Sireana

Even though you may not recognise the words you will know the air. ‘Song To The Siren’ was originally recorded by Tim Buckley, was masterfully reworked by This Mortal Coil a decade later and now here is an interpretation from […] 

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