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MGMT – Alien Days

Wherein MGMT grow up and become a real band, with real songs. Imagine that, the pompous witherings of an out of touch old fool who couldn’t tell a contemporary electro classic from a jingle on Nick Jr. Quite enjoyed MGMT […] 

Candy Claws – Two Airships


The Winks – Wildlife Of The Desert

While they are prone to grand experimental flourishes (take a peek at the Christmas song they did for us) a la the Fiery Furnaces the Winks may have truly arrived with their new LP ‘Twilights’. There’s a title to attract […] 

The Van Allen Belt – Lovely In Akron

And so it goes and this most precious Pittsburgh band goes all soft centred and release a song that could yet be soundtracking the next Bond movie. Anyone who has heard their debut album ‘Meal Ticket To Purgatory’ (it’s on […] 

Juana Molina – Los Hongos

Not sure whether Juana Molina’s newbie, ‘Un Día’, is quite as absorbing as her last, ‘Son’, but it’s still a hypnotic listen. Hypnotic I say because being sung in Spanish you have to rely on your own imagination to colour […] 

Canon Blue – Avatar Furr

Shrapnel made from feathers. KD Canon Blue – Avatar Furr More Info: Official Buy Songs: Canon BlueYear: 2007  

Banjo Or Freakout – Mr No

Scratchy and itchy for more. KD Banjo Or Freakout – Mr No More Info: OfficialBuy Songs: Banjo Or FreakoutYear: 2008  

Allá – Es Tiempo

Now here’s a strange thing, a Spanish speaking band based in Chicago that are signed to a Belgian record label named Crammed Discs. The geographical maze hardly seems to matter though when it comes to sitting down and listening to […] 

Sigur Ros – Gobbledigook

Running around in the nip as an earthquake crackles in the background seems to be a most liberating of experiences. How else could you explain Sigur Ros and their new Animal Collectivesque bouncy new direction. Out of the blue the […] 

Allegories – Grass Toboggan

This song knocked me for six when I heard it first time around. Subsequent listens have proven no less exotic, no matter what way I approach it I continually fail to unravel a single word yet always leave with a […] 

Slaraffenland – I'm A Machine

I just went the longest time in about 5 years without listening to new music. It was refreshing but I guess some balmy warm air and a vibrant Catalan city sure helps. Anyway, I’m back fresh and chomping at the […] 

Random – Dream

One of the things Vinyl, CD and even ye olde Cassette Tape have over the less traditional media like mp3 is that they normally come fitted with a smidgeon of information about the band in question. The problem with these […] 

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