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Your Headlights Are On – We Real Cool, We

In 2011 a quartet of graduates from the improvised music programme at Trondheim University got together and recorded an album together under the name of Your Headlights Are On. Then they promptly disappeared without trace which is a shame given […] 

Oscillator Bug – Dearest, Arthur

It’s probably a consequence of not having as much time to dig deep into what is happening beyond the obvious that I’ve been missing out on acts like Oscillator Bug. A real shame too because it is rapturous quirks such […] 

Aphex Twin – Donkey Rhubarb

As if 13 years between releases wasn’t enough Limerick man Richard D. James has just marked his return with a classic slice of accessible electronica in ‘Minipops’ (and assorted codes with digits) which will form part of his comeback ‘Syro’ […] 

Man Meets Bear – Waabgonii Giizis

For some this might sound like a recording of the moment the alien craft hit the surface of the earth but personally this provides a glimmer of hope that perhaps there is hope. Hope that something in 2014 can sound […] 

Petra Glynt – Sour Paradise

When everything all around is fluffy white snow and jingle bells it is sometimes nice to take a trip down an alternate laneway. And they don’t get much more diagonal than this piece of delicious bonkers from Toronto experimentalist Petra […] 

Braids – In Kind

Up to this point Braids have always seemed more alluring on paper than on record but things are changing for the Canadian 3-piece. New album ‘Flourish // Perish’ appears to point a dramatic way forward that its title only half […] 

Wise Blood – Nosferatu

Is it any wonder that Pittsburgh’s Wise Blood got around to recording a song called ‘Nosferatu’? Not really but then Chris Laufman appears capable of anything if you were to pull apart the wreckage of sound that his Wise Blood […] 

cfit – Heliophilia

If it wasn’t good enough that cfit sounded a little like a hype-worthy Radiohead they have now added boosters in the shape of Sigur Ros (especially on ‘Spitefuck’). Of course there remains that special secret ingredient, namely the cfit signature […] 

PS I Love You – Future Dontcare

The fact that they can encapsulate anger with a sardonic humour only bolsters PS I Love You’s allure. Thankfully they have the songs too but I can’t help thinking that there is a certain under-appreciation in their worth to date. […] 

Fluffer – Southpaw

Stripped back to a compound much higher up the metallic rank than brass tacks this Indiana troika (their words) sound really fresh and interesting. There are elements of the ‘The Moon & Antarctica’ throughout their recently released debut LP ‘Skopsi’ […] 

Liars – Point Your Pistol To The Sigh

Liars are ultimately one of the most confusing bands on the planet. Capable of supreme beauty and unlistenable experimentation within the space of a segue they are never less than interesting. I’d tuned out due to anorexic patience but then […] 

Scarlet Chives – The Timber Will Fall

It is entirely odd, like Mark Greaney of JJ72 had been reborn but this time he is joined by a backing band that flit between the shadows. There are hints of malevolence throughout ‘The Timber Will Fall’ but that is […] 

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