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Oscillator Bug – Dearest, Arthur

It’s probably a consequence of not having as much time to dig deep into what is happening beyond the obvious that I’ve been missing out on acts like Oscillator Bug. A real shame too because it is rapturous quirks such […] 

Aphex Twin – Donkey Rhubarb

As if 13 years between releases wasn’t enough Limerick man Richard D. James has just marked his return with a classic slice of accessible electronica in ‘Minipops’ (and assorted codes with digits) which will form part of his comeback ‘Syro’ […] 

Man Meets Bear – Waabgonii Giizis

For some this might sound like a recording of the moment the alien craft hit the surface of the earth but personally this provides a glimmer of hope that perhaps there is hope. Hope that something in 2014 can sound […] 

Petra Glynt – Sour Paradise

When everything all around is fluffy white snow and jingle bells it is sometimes nice to take a trip down an alternate laneway. And they don’t get much more diagonal than this piece of delicious bonkers from Toronto experimentalist Petra […] 

Braids – In Kind

Up to this point Braids have always seemed more alluring on paper than on record but things are changing for the Canadian 3-piece. New album ‘Flourish // Perish’ appears to point a dramatic way forward that its title only half […] 

Wise Blood – Nosferatu

Is it any wonder that Pittsburgh’s Wise Blood got around to recording a song called ‘Nosferatu’? Not really but then Chris Laufman appears capable of anything if you were to pull apart the wreckage of sound that his Wise Blood […] 

cfit – Heliophilia

If it wasn’t good enough that cfit sounded a little like a hype-worthy Radiohead they have now added boosters in the shape of Sigur Ros (especially on ‘Spitefuck’). Of course there remains that special secret ingredient, namely the cfit signature […] 

PS I Love You – Future Dontcare

The fact that they can encapsulate anger with a sardonic humour only bolsters PS I Love You’s allure. Thankfully they have the songs too but I can’t help thinking that there is a certain under-appreciation in their worth to date. […] 

Fluffer – Southpaw

Stripped back to a compound much higher up the metallic rank than brass tacks this Indiana troika (their words) sound really fresh and interesting. There are elements of the ‘The Moon & Antarctica’ throughout their recently released debut LP ‘Skopsi’ […] 

Liars – Point Your Pistol To The Sigh

Liars are ultimately one of the most confusing bands on the planet. Capable of supreme beauty and unlistenable experimentation within the space of a segue they are never less than interesting. I’d tuned out due to anorexic patience but then […] 

Scarlet Chives – The Timber Will Fall

It is entirely odd, like Mark Greaney of JJ72 had been reborn but this time he is joined by a backing band that flit between the shadows. There are hints of malevolence throughout ‘The Timber Will Fall’ but that is […] 

Gobble Gobble – End of Days

All told this is quite a demented piece of work. Thankfully and with little help from that moniker it’s nowhere close to being a turkey. Cecil Frena, Megan James and Corin Roddick are the mad hatters at the controls (James […] 

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