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Top 35 Indie Songs From 2014

This is how our 2014 sounded (playing in reverse order) 35) Courtney Barnett – Avant Gardener 34) Jimi Goodwin – Terracotta Warrior 33) Manic Street Preachers feat. Cate Le Bon – 4 Lonely Roads 32) Tilbury – Great Expectations 31) […] 

Indie Basslines From Heaven

This list of great basslines could never be exhaustive but we’ve tried to pick out our favourites – it’s up to you to let us know (in the comments below) about the ones we’ve missed. What has surprised us is […] 

Top 42 Songs From 2013

Our 8th annual retrospective and this year’s best songs compare wonderfully what has passed before. 2013 was certainly the year where I markedly left albums behind, not because I particularly wanted to but because time was in such short supply. […] 

12 Indie Songs For Christmas ~ Volume One

You’ll know by now that we’re partial to the festive soundtrack and while the perennial crooners never grow stale it is always interesting to hear what is going on around the fringes. So here is the first of several volumes […] 

Top 42 Songs From 2012

This is the 7th time we’ve wheeled out a top 42 for our end of year poll. That equates to almost 300 individual tunes which have done much more for us that yer average piece of recorded music. The rules […] 

Top 10 Indie Tunes That Feature Handclaps

We’ve already given you the lowdown on the top indie songs that feature whistling so why not exercise our brains a little attempting to identify the best ones that include decent hand to hand action. As it turns out the […] 

An Introduction To Shoegaze

It has been a couple of decades since shoegaze was at its imperial best but we can’t still shake this genre from our heads. Here is a short snapshot, containing 20 tracks, offering you a rush of blazing guitar noise […] 

[Interview] Winter Villains

Apologies if we are beginning to sound a little tired in our never ending praise of Cardiff’s Winter Villains, but as you know we’re helpless when something this good attracts our attention. The band have appeared quite a few times […] 

[Interview] Slow Magic

Did we solve the mystery of Slow Magic? Not exactly, but at least he/she can be seen in the flesh on Irish shores this month. Hugger: So who is the man/woman behind Slow Magic or are you really just an […] 

Top 42 Songs From 2011


Top 10 Indie Tunes That Feature Whistling

What is it about a song that features whistling that makes it all the more memorable? Probably best to ask Otis Redding or Monty Python for the definitive answer but it may be down to the fact that everyone can […] 

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