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Amor De Dias – Dream (Dead Hands)

While it might have been more pertinent to pluck a track from Alasdair MacLean and Lupe Nunez-Fernandez’s new album ‘The House at Sea’ this song just fitted the prevailing mood. ‘Street of the Love of Days’ came out in 2011 […] 

[Interview] Winter Villains

Apologies if we are beginning to sound a little tired in our never ending praise of Cardiff’s Winter Villains, but as you know we’re helpless when something this good attracts our attention. The band have appeared quite a few times […] 

Winter Villains – Moon

No need for many words this time. And anyway we’ll have an interview with our favourite new band, Winter Villains, next week where they’ll discuss their upcoming debut ‘February’. In the meantime just catch a ride on a passing iceberg […] 

Jessica Jalbert – Paris Green


It’s Oh So Quiet


Zee Avi – Swell Window


Winter Villains – House of Knives

Winter Villains are everything I liked about Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci and nothing like the bits I didn’t. In essence there are in the upper echelons of the new bands that have stolen my heart this year. Chances are this state […] 

Clatter Clatter – Just To Say


Tandem Felix – Mushroom Cloud


Winter Villains – Patterns


Adam and Darcie – 2 Cities


Undersea Poem – Makes Me Happy


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