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Shoes – Do I Get So Shy

Because the internet wasn’t around in the mid 1970’s Illinois band Shoes never stood a chance. Without an army of spotty bloggers in their corner it was always likely that songs as delicate and demo-sounding as ‘Do I Get So […] 

Jack and Eliza – Hold The Line

They didn’t even need to search for each other as the tinder was set as they met as kids a while back (they’re both still in college). And it is that natural coming together that has lent their voices time […] 

Daughter – Youth

Such was my flippant attitude towards Sons and Daughters that I somehow aligned London’s Daughters with them. Such is the lot of a head that approximates several hundred scraps of scrawled on scrunched up papers but thanks to a faultless […] 

Cinerama – Because I’m Beautiful

I won’t have a word said against Spotify because for one thing it helps me put off the day when I head loftwards and deboxify every one of the several thousand CD’s I bought during a time when free music […] 

Woman’s Hour – Her Ghost

The only trouble with ‘Her Ghost’ is that it doesn’t stay around for long enough, spiriting itself away until you return once more. Working really well as soothing background music this little St. Etienne recaller has more than enough to […] 

Soko – We Might Be Dead Tomorrow

Although positively ancient in the context of these internet times (it was first released in 2012) Soko’s ‘We Might Be Dead Tomorrow’ has still stirred a decent amount of interest thanks to its promo video and Soko herself Stéphanie Sokolinski’s […] 

Blunda – Messages

It’s safe to say Andy Blunda has been around the block a few times (he played in 90’s bands Fastball/ Paloalto and has written award winning music for TV shows such as ‘Storage Wars and ‘After the Catch’) but rather […] 

Alvvays – Archie, Marry Me

The omens were good, several nods from reputable sources and a single soundcloud tag that went by the name of ‘bandwagonesque’. That and the fact that several months earlier they had played a festival that wears its heart on its […] 

Elephant – Elusive Youth

Although it is quite obvious that London duo are mining Camera Obscura territory that doesn’t make ‘Elusive Youth’ any less attractive. There a couple of reasons for this, first and foremost this song has a chorus that will sweep you […] 

Chalk and Numbers – In The Dark

Might be tempting fate with this one given the storm that is a brewing outside but even if the lights go we’ll still be able to bask in the sunshine rays of Chalk and Numbers. The NYC duo have been […] 

Mutual Benefit – Advanced Falconry

I’ve written about this act on a couple of occasions previously without ever getting to the kernel of who they are. In many ways there is so much beauty in the music it might somehow tar the experience to find […] 

Summer Aviation – Magic Night

Old school indie ain’t what it used to be so when a glimmer of former glories hooves into view I am on it in super quick time. Summer Aviation’s ‘Magic Night’ certainly coaxed warmed fuzzy feelings from deep inside, an […] 

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