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Thurston Moore – The Best Day

Not sure how he does it but given his recent goods it appears as if Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore has lost none of his hunger for scuzzy chord-filled deities. With his band Sonic Youth dormant Moore has recruited a motley […] 

Kalle Mattson – The Moon Is Gold

At the close of a bank holiday weekend the emotions that well up from deep inside tend to be ones of the raw variety rather than feelings of expectancy and excitement. Who wouldn’t rather be kicking a football, squelching on […] 

Cat Dowling – The Believer

This is blistering stuff from Cat Dowling who appears to be channelling Sharon Van Etten on the title track of her LP from last year ‘The Believer’. And while that might lead to many an eye roll given the standing […] 

Blonde Summer – Slow Days Fast Company

LA’s Blonde Summer have a new EP called ‘High Times’ which will undoubtedly be reported on at a later date but for tonight this song is everything to me. As you can probably guess it is infused with a 90’s […] 

Two Door Cinema Club – Changing Of The Seasons

This is undoubtedly the 2nd best song that Northern Ireland act Two Door Cinema Club have written after the effervescent glory of their early tune ‘Something Good Can Work’. ‘Changing of the Seasons’ was released on a EP of the […] 

Bunny’s A Swine – Lasell

In an age of retro everywhereness it can still be swell to return to the sound of the folks that kick started it all. With Massachusetts’ Bunny’s A Swine there is such an underlying sense of Pavement it could almost […] 

Is Tropical – Dancing Anymore

Bigger in outer Mongolia than most of the western world (fact) London act Is Tropical hardly seem bothered and why should they given that they’ve been signed to one of the coolest labels around in Kitsune. With an album barely […] 

Harper Simon – Bonnie Brae

Harper Simon’s new LP is called ‘Division Street’ and for a minute I thought I’d spotted the primary influence in it’s naming. With receding braincells but a sprightly search engine technique I was soon to discover that Elliott Smith’s song […] 

The Dead Heads – When I’m Dead

Were it not for the enthusiasm and graft of the Jeffrey siblings this Sydney band would never have stood a chance. I can see them now, neighbours banging down the walls as the two (and assorted comrades) strip the paint […] 

Doves – The Sulphur Man

If only Doves had kept up the quality that they had fashioned on their first 2 albums. We’d be talking about one of the biggest bands in the world I fancy, sorta Elbowesque, with anthems aplenty but with enough morose […] 

The Bell – Whatever Did You Say

While I am prone to a tearful outburst at the oddest of events I can’t say there was much in the way of moisture aggregation at the announcement of iTunes 10th birthday. Still completely mind boggled at how Apple have […] 

Cayucas – High School Lover

Cayucas used to be called Oregon Bike Trails (who had a song called ‘Cayucas’) and the change of state (Cayucas is a small coastal town in California) has really served them well given the drop dead addictive nature of ‘High […] 

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