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Flower Jacket – Everybody Knows

Presenting a band in its first flush of youth so it is hardly surprising that their debut single is a loose collection of rolling brightness. Made up of a New Yorker and 3 others from Los Angeles Flower Jacket prove […] 

Gengahr – Powder

For most bands it is a lottery, throwing your hat (and crucially your talent) into the ring with all the other like-minded souls with nothing more than the dream of riches (or at the very least a modicum of attention) […] 

Fruit Bats – When U Love Somebody

This is a song of small contradictions, the type that is hard to turn away. Mostly it rolls like an alt country noodle but then there are subtle nuances into indie pop that give it a splendiferous edge. It comes […] 

Teleman – Skeleton Dance

Thomas Saunders specialises in zippy indie numbers, the type that normally don’t require several plays before you’re in raptures. The danger in this kind of tuneage of course is that when you get to half a dozen listens it is […] 

Lord Huron – Last Night You Were A Dream

Not that he was ever close to irrelevant but 2014 has seen Beck Hanson’s reinvention and may yet prove to be his best year yet. He’s already bagged a winning ‘traditional’ album called ‘Morning Phase’ but it could be his […] 

Cults – Always Forever

You could lump this in with the Wannadies best song but then you’d have to factor in the knowledge that while Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion (!) were recording the album it comes from, ‘Static’, they were irredeemably pulling apart […] 

The Pickled Onions – Please Please

This is so reminiscent of the Clientele, or at least how I remembered how the Clientele sounded, that I actually went back to several tracks from ‘Strange Geometry’ to make sure it wasn’t too much of a leap. And you […] 

Lapland – Metal Lungs

If you’re thinking there is no way of escaping this damned season then be assured that Lapland has nothing snow related going on. Not that you’d expect anything of the sort from a Brooklyn artist who is originally from dusty […] 

Kingston – Weird Dreams

Well enough of this crushed bauble underfootness (numbers vastly depleted owing to 18 month old Godzilla with a penchant for the shiny, new and reachable) it’s time to start the new year with something exciting and local. Kilkenny as it […] 

Eastern Hollows – Summer’s Dead

This immediately clicked and with quoted influences like the Stone Roses and Ride Eastern Hollows could quite easily have been a band that I created in my own head. The Brooklyn 5-piece have a debut LP in the works and […] 

Potty Mouth – Black and Studs

Thought for all the world that this would be an English band, the name and their sound (Elastica, Lush, Sleeper) just seemed like a fit but Potty Mouth are a U.S. proposition. And they’re not just another female fronted band […] 

Air Review – Young

We wrote a post a few years back about indie music songs that contained whistling and it has been far and away the most popular page on this website (8 years old this week btw). Anyway if I had been […] 

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