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We Have Band – Watertight

This is undercurrent of nuttiness to ‘Watertight’ that will probably signal allergic reactions from certain quarters. But the zaniness is fused with such an elastic sense of tuneage it should attract more than it repels. Not that you could quickly […] 

Burning Codes – It’s Not What You Have It’s Who You Are

Paul Archer of Belfast’s Burning Codes is perhaps the most prolific song writer on these islands. He also pours every inch of his soul into his art with the result that relaxation rooms the world over need not bother trawling […] 

Catcall – The World Is Ours

Consider that this post is framed in an Ireland that has left meaningful participation at Euro 2012 behind. Searching for positives on the greenery is difficult but off it they were biblical fun-times to be had. So uplifting were the […] 

Wave Sleep Wave – Hey…What?

‘Hey…What?’ is a raw and dexterous piece of invention from New York’s Wave Sleep Wave. The sort of stuff that used to fill my 8 to 10pm listening berths when those slots were easily my favourite part of the day. […] 

Bottle Of Evil – I Can See Your Face

Derek Bates, currently based in Galway but Lanarkshire of birth, has a thing for evil. Or at least he does when it comes to giving names to his musical pursuits. Evil Hand appeared here early last year and now with […] 

Beachwood Sparks – Forget The Song

They don’t make songs like this any more, at least they won’t until Teenage Fanclub do the decent thing and get their creative hats on again. Its makers Beachwood Sparks feel like they have been around forever but with a […] 

Kids On A Crime Spree – Impasto

If there was a label made for lazy, hazy summer evenings it is the venerable Slumberland. And to their heavily notched bedpost they recently added the considerable retro heeled charm of Kids On A Crime Spree. The Spector drenched Swede […] 

Daniel Rossen – Return To Form

Shouldn’t be any surprise to find out that Daniel Rossen is he out of Grizzly Bear. How else could you explain the somewhat awkward glory of ‘Return To Form’ from his debut solo release ‘Silent Hour/Golden Mile’ (out on Warp […] 

Peileton (featuring Youth Mass – Sea Of Green)

You should know by now, even if you’re not a football fan, that Euro 2012 is just around the corner. As you’d expect we’re in a bit of a lather at the prospect of it all and this time around […] 

Italian Japanese – NYC

Gonna ease back into this given the earth moving nature of the last few days. Baby hugger number two made his entrance into the world and he is a little topper. Fine strong footballing pins too so perhaps that is […] 

Cheers Elephant – Leaves

It probably loses a little of its early ecstatic vim along the way but there’s no denying that this little nugget had us scurrying for more information about its makers. Nice bunch of lads from Philadelphia by all accounts (mostly […] 

The Inspiral Carpets – Further Away

Their debut ‘Life’ may contain their most famous efforts but the follow up ‘The Beast Inside’ was always my favourite album from Oldham’s the Inspiral Carpets. The band bred a love-hate relationship with the press with lots of barbs aimed […] 

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