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The Wind Whistles – Bats In Flight

How nice it is to find labels like Aaahh Records who go about their business with the minimum of fuss despite a seam of talent in their locker. Bright sparks like the zany Canadian duo the Wind Whistles who appear […] 

Sleeper – Vegas

Louise Wener really was a perfect 90’s frontwoman. Ballsy and opinionated she was the archetypal loose canon (with a good deal of substance behind her utterances it must be said) whose confidence in her band’s music was only matched by […] 

Angelica’s Elegy – Rapid Changes

It has been a few years since the great Bergen breakout and since that intriguing turn of musical events not a great deal has surfaced from Norway. That is until Trondheim 3-piece Angelica’s Elegy shuffled into view quite recently. Their […] 

Carroll – Lead Balloon

The word Carroll drums up lots of memories, a hotel manager with a keen line in sarcasm for one and the cigarettes of the same plural name for another. Given the title of this song the latter was particularly prevalent […] 

Coves – Cast A Shadow

There is concerted edginess to the playing on ‘Cast A Shadow’ but for all that the overriding impression you’re left with comes courtesy of Beck Wood’s sixties drenched vocals. It’s a fine contrast that is underlined by the low slung […] 

SPLASHH – Washed Up

If you are as old as me you’ll remember the hirsute, short panced Stourbridge combo known as Ned’s Atomic Dustbin. There were a couple of things that always struck me about that band (who are remarkably still on the road), […] 

Vaadat Charigim – Its OK To Be Afraid

Being someone who is not overtly bothered by lyrics or worldly events it is perhaps predictable enough that the Hebrew worded outfit Vaadat Charigim should take my breath away. I’ve lost little but gained so much thanks to their mid-90’s […] 

Amandine – Redemption

Hardly surprising that Wichita Linemen sought to change their name to Amandine given that Fat Cat Records were sniffing around. Really wouldn’t have looked that good to be saluting the competition. The band come from a Swedish outpost but theirs […] 

Mmoss – Another Dream

At this time of year it takes something special to knock me off my Christmas groove but New Hampshire’s Mmoss (oddly there is a band called Mmoths floating around too) have done it with their farfisa laden gem ‘Another Dream’. […] 

Gypsy & The Cat – Bloom

Even though there may have been some major label backing involved it would still seen incredible that Gypsy & The Cat’s debut album ‘Gilgamesh’ has shifted almost a quarter of a million copies (they did support Kylie mind). A tad […] 

A Monday Compendium

A Monday without work is like a Christmas without fighting so to celebrate we’ve decided to clear the decks of our in-transit basket – a purgatory of sorts for songs that are too good to guillotine but missing a vital […] 

Hospitality – Friends of Friends

The bands that catch our attention these days would most likely have caught our attention back in the 1990’s. The reason being that somewhere along the road to this new decade the innovators have stopped innovating, or to put it […] 

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