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South Ambulance – Davy Crockett

Indiecater time again and this time the precious audio comes from Northern Europe, Sweden to be precise. Are you excited yet? You should know by now about the Swedes and their unerring gift for exceedingly good music and so we […] 

The Van Allen Belt – Baby Boomer Backstroke

One of the many things I love about fuelling this blog is that from time to time it throws up bands that are so deliciously different. I can remember listening to Pittsburgh’s the Van Allen Belt for the first time […] 

Mumblin' Deaf Ro – The Hero Is A Graduate

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I’m don’t pour over lyrics with the consistency of a Moz ball but Mumblin’ Deaf Ro’s musical pronouncements seem to me to be worth the effort. I had my epiphany during a […] 

In Motion – Hollow Blow

I probably go on a bit about the music we are reissuing on our sister label Indiecater so may I apologise for the rampant effusiveness that follows. I am literally jumping up and down with excitement with the reissue of […] 

Folklore – The Pharmacist

Folklore’s debut ‘The Ghost of H.W. Beaverman’ is our 10th release on indiecater and we’re so glad this lovely record is illuminating that particular milestone. The album was our favourite of 2007 and so getting the opportunity to showcase it […] 

Burning Codes – Cloak & Dagger

2009 is upon us and so is the first indiecater record of the year. How’s about that for timing eh? Well, the timing was crucial to be honest because Burning Codes seem particularly suited to soundtracking new beginnings. Boasting clean […] 

Nina Hynes – Twinkle

Christmas is far and away my favourite time of the year. That’s why come December my normal petty indie snobbery is thrown out the window and material from the likes of Shakin’ Stevens, Mariah Carey and Wham start giving me […] 

The Brilliant Trees – Don't Believe The Right

For those who’ve been out of the loop here is a quick recap on what has been happening on our sister pursuit the record label Indiecater Records. The latest release on our rapidly expanding catalogue is the debut from Finglas […] 

Michael Knight – Waves To The Shore

For our 6th release on the indiecater label we’ve plumped for a Dublin band who’ve filled our nights and days with glee ever since their debut ‘Youth Is Wasted On The Young’ dropped in 2005. Our love for their indie […] 

Indiecater Vol. 3

Indiecater (the label if you don’t mind!) is a mere 4 months old but we’ve still racked up 5 releases, the latest of which was hatched last night and is titled Indiecater Volume 3 (always a fan of consistency me). […] 

Sunbear – Flutterbye

We’ve loved Sunbear for many years so it is a real honour to be able to offer their debut album on our sister site indiecater. Sunbear were a quartet from Dublin who appeared in the wake of shoegaze and adopted […] 

Red Star Belgrade – Where The Sun Doesn't Shine

You may or may not have been aware that of late I have been leading a double life. Indiecater is my attempt to help out through a series of indie compilations where the profits go straight back to the contributing […] 

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