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[Interview] The Last Names

We’re thankful to (husband and wife) Justin Rice and Darbie Nowatka from indie pop band the Last Names for offering up some time to us during what is a very busy year for them. Busy doing what I hear you […] 

[Interview] Winter Villains

Apologies if we are beginning to sound a little tired in our never ending praise of Cardiff’s Winter Villains, but as you know we’re helpless when something this good attracts our attention. The band have appeared quite a few times […] 

[Interview] Lauren & Tokyo

Lauren Campbell and David ‘Tokyo’ Speirs are an Ontario duo that are going places, it’s written in the stars. So before they get too big for their boots we decided to put some questions to them. Hugger: Can you give […] 

[Interview] Mothlight

Matt Billings and Grant Stevens from San Diego’s Mothlight answered a few of our questions and promptly fluttered away into the night sky. Hugger: There is very little information to be gleaned about Mothlight, even on the great expanses of […] 

[Interview] Slow Magic

Did we solve the mystery of Slow Magic? Not exactly, but at least he/she can be seen in the flesh on Irish shores this month. Hugger: So who is the man/woman behind Slow Magic or are you really just an […] 

[Interview] Yé Yé

A short chat with David and Fabrice from French band Yé Yé Hugger: By way of introduction can you give a quick overview of Yé Yé for those who may be unfamiliar with your music? Yé Yé: Yé Yé was […] 

[Interview] The Feelies

By Conor Devlin I first heard The Feelies sometime in 1988 when their version of the Velvet Underground’s ‘What Goes On’ came on Irish radio on a summer afternoon. There was a sense of fun there that didn’t exist on […] 

Sa Sevol – An Easy Promise

Sa Sevol isn’t just another sonic manifestation giving an album away for free. Rather it is a mysterious concoction ripe for speculation and one that occupies a unique musical genre that has yet to be explored. Scour the furthest reaches […] 

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