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Ghost Wave – Country Rider

The sort of song that could play endlessly in your local indie tavern and no one inside would likely raise an eyebrow. Whether it was designed by this Auckland band from deep inside or from an approximation of the bands […] 

Coastal Cities – Summer Reign

Hopelessly out of seasonal context yet it is hard to not fall for this jangling beauty from English band Coastal Cities. Channelling an 80’s form of indie poppery this instantly leapt out from a throbbing mass of mp3ness. Declan Cullen’s […] 

David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights – Steel Arrow

David Kilgour is indie royalty down New Zealand way, with 30 years in the music industry including fronting the Clean for whom clean jangling guitar lines were a forte. In 2011 he and his new band the Heavy Eights got […] 

Photo Ops – Someplace

Nashville’s Terry Price has been around the block once or twice (with his old band Oblio) and has suffered quite a few slings and arrows lately. Like most people he struggled on but instead of hiding behind a cloak of […] 

Starling Electric – Black Ghost/Black Girl

As much as it sounds like it, the persons responsible for this track have nothing whatsoever to do with Teenage Fanclub (or Cosmic Rough Rides for that matter). No offshoot, no Glaswegian heritage, nothing. Instead it is a creation of […] 

The Twin Atlas – Double Shot

It’s over in half the time it takes a 3-minute wonder to work its magic but somehow this effort from the Twin Atlas has charmed. Sadly it looks like the duo behind the song are no more having thrown in […] 

Alba Lua – When I’m Roaming Free

Seem to have hit a rich seam of jangle pop numbers of late but it’s not a situation we’re ever likely to complain about. Tonight’s offering comes from a French band (circa Bordeaux) that sing in English (a novelty in […] 

Cosmic Rough Riders – The Loser

Don’t be fooled by the summery jangle supplied by this classic from the turn of the century for it harbours dark thoughts in the lyric sheet. But then, if like me you are destined to swat such dark scenarios to […] 

The Black Angels – I’d Rather Be Lonely

What a cute line ‘if this is love, then I’d rather be lonely’, so nifty I am a tad surprised no one has thought of it up to now. To make matters even more pleasant the Black Angels chose to […] 

Tiger Waves – Fields

Yeah I know the year has only begun but I’d be somewhat alarmed if ‘Fields’ didn’t make its way to near the top of our fave songs of 2013. With the insouciance of an Ambulance LTD number or the charm […] 

Roofwalkers – They Think They Own The Place

Just back from a visit to the infrequently updated webspace belonging to Washington band the Roofwalkers and it appears as if something might be happening on the recording front. Good news for those on a mission to find the perfect […] 

No – There’s A Glow

L.A.’s No make the sort of sound you’d expect from a bunch of lads with skinny legs and cool haircuts. The sort of sound that is unlikely to come from a North Sea crab boat deckhand or an office worker […] 

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