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Indie Basslines From Heaven

This list of great basslines could never be exhaustive but we’ve tried to pick out our favourites – it’s up to you to let us know (in the comments below) about the ones we’ve missed. What has surprised us is […] 

[Mixtape] The First Days of Summer

It seems like it has taken an eternity to arrive but this weekend we are beginning to the see the reappearance of that burning sphere that had up to this point eluded us. To celebrate here are a bunch of […] 

12 Indie Songs For Christmas ~ Volume One

You’ll know by now that we’re partial to the festive soundtrack and while the perennial crooners never grow stale it is always interesting to hear what is going on around the fringes. So here is the first of several volumes […] 

Top 42 Songs From 2012

This is the 7th time we’ve wheeled out a top 42 for our end of year poll. That equates to almost 300 individual tunes which have done much more for us that yer average piece of recorded music. The rules […] 

An Introduction To Shoegaze

It has been a couple of decades since shoegaze was at its imperial best but we can’t still shake this genre from our heads. Here is a short snapshot, containing 20 tracks, offering you a rush of blazing guitar noise […] 

[Mixtape] Good Morning!

Let these bright and bubbly acts wipe the sleep from your eye. Featuring Adam & Darcie, The Velvet Underground, The Ruby Suns, The Innocence Mission, The Monkees, The Coral, Clinic, The Boo Radleys, Orbital, Belle & Sebastian, Oppenheimer, Hybrasil, Cosmic […] 

[Mixtape] Clever Clever

With tracks displaying a higher level of intelligence from the bulging foreheads of A House, Mental Cube, Professor Penguin, Perfume Genius, Lower Dens, The Brilliant Trees, Head Like A Kite, Albert Hammond Jr., Add N to (X) and Furniture.  

[Mixtape] Pests

Featuring creepy tracks from these crawlies ~ Ride, Modest Mouse, the E.L.F., Black Moth Super Rainbow, Bearsuit, Sufjan Stevens, Eagle Seagull, The High Llamas, Art Imperial and Big Spider’s Back.  

Smells Like Theme Spirit #4 – Kicks Like A Puyol

The European Championships may not have the allure of the World Cup but the football is often much better. Here’s hoping Euro 2008 will be a huge success in Austria and Switzerland and to celebrate its arrival may I present […] 

Smells Like Theme Spirit #3

Winter has almost given up the fight but there are still reasons to be negative. I dunno, maybe it gradually becomes part of you as you get older but as the years fly by I find myself becoming increasingly grumpy […] 

Smells Like Theme Spirit #2 – Paddywagonesque

With the time of year that’s in it I decided to base this month’s mixtape on all things Irish, even if I’ve borrowed from a Glaswegian band for the title ‘Paddywagonesque’. I’ve tried to stay away from the more obvious […] 

Smells Like Theme Spirit – Mixtape

Welcome to the inaugural hugger mixtape based rather tenuously on theme of ‘the arsonists songbook’. I’ve attempted to patch a story together which may or not become apparent as the tape progresses. If you want to know more about a […] 

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