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Chris Cohen – Caller No. 99

Chris Cohen had existed up to 2012 in the fringes but his solo record on Captured Tracks that year proved that while he was an able foil in bands such as Deerhoof, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti and Danielson his talent […] 

Jacco Gardner – Clear The Air

This is so on the money with its psychedness you may well scurry for a release date back in the late sixties. A forlorn trawl however because this baroque beauty has its origins in good old 2012, thanks to its […] 

Ducktails – Honey Tiger Eyes

I’m sure it didn’t take a find-yourself jaunt to deepest India for them to come up with this new fangled psychedelic sound, they were probably just brought up on a diet of late era Beatles records. Perhaps not, maybe it […] 

I Can Chase Dragons! – Cuantas Caras

Somewhat like a primeval El Guincho this is nothing less than the perfect distillation of tropical electronica. The words are rendered meaningless for the non-Spanish speaking amongst us but it matters not a jot because ‘Cuantas Caras’ is all about […] 

Grounders – Crown Land

I miss the times when all my wife and I seemed to do was go and see Mercury Rev. It was during their most creative patch, circa ‘Deserter Songs’, and they seemed destined to visit Irish shores every few months. […] 

The Soundcarriers – Last Broadcast

Speaking of Stereolab and more especially their earlier selves here is Nottingham’s the Soundcarriers with an altogether fine blast of krautrock. Given its title it may also have drawn on those other purveyors of dense electronic textures Broadcast. What’s not […] 

Nicely Nicely – 49 Cigars

It sounds a good bit like ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ but when you’re looking for inspiration there aren’t many better options out there. It might surprise you that ’49 Cigars’ comes from a b-side on an obscure 1982 single from Londoner […] 

Tame Impala – Apocalypse Dreams

Believe it or not I’m often thrown off the scent by band names that don’t make sense to me. For this crazy reason I’m far more predisposed to clicking on a song by a group with a simple moniker. So […] 

Phoenix – Love Like A Sunset (Animal Collective Remix)


Nightlands – Suzerain (A Letter to the Judge)


Young Man – Up So Fast


New Animal – Other Side


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