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Beachwood Sparks – Forget The Song

They don’t make songs like this any more, at least they won’t until Teenage Fanclub do the decent thing and get their creative hats on again. Its makers Beachwood Sparks feel like they have been around forever but with a […] 

Hotel Mexico – Dear Les Friends

The world is getting smaller thanks to the internet, and I for one think that’s pretty rad. How else would I discover this nugget of retro-pop from Hotel Mexico, a six-piece ensemble all the way from Kyoto, Japan? Their track […] 

Burning Hearts – Into The Wilderness


She & Him – Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?


Ghost Pal – I Don’t Know


[Vid] Fleet Foxes – Grown Ocean


Social Studies – Weathered White


The Parson Red Heads – Got It All

It took about 3 reads before I saw Parson Red Heads instead of Parsnip Red Heads, not that I’ve anything resembling a passion for vegetables, just a minor glitch in ye auld hugger’s speed reading faculties. The miscalculations were all […] 

Happiness: The Coral – Another Way

It would be remiss of me to pass up on Liverpool’s the Coral for any series that had happiness in the title. For that feeling is what pervades on their latest album ‘Butterfly House’. Getting in John Leckie (he of […] 

The Keys – Fire Inside

Not quite sure how much one could hope for from a band that used to be called Murry The Hump (John Peel had them in 3 times so lets no scoff too much) but the Keys do more than enough […] 

Hot Lava – Mummy Beach

You know the way music from yesteryear sounds old and creaky? Well, Hot Lava are here to recreate the scene but with a contemporary feel. It has been done before of course but Hot Lava also see fit to include […] 

Dykehouse – Signal Crossing

Mike Dykehouse like so many other of his generation is a rabid MBV enthusiast and his goal it seems is to record something as wondrous as his idols. Well, he’s got that sense of chaotic brilliance down to a T […] 

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