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Pinkshinyultrablast – Holy Forest

Shoegaze, although it hit its peak over 2 decades ago, still contrives to accord us gems. Who’d have thought that a sound that is severely narrow in its approach could find the wherewithal to still induce shivers. St. Petersburg band […] 

Cull – World Inside Your Head

Cull are a new band from Sydney with plenty of reverb on their minds. They are releasing their debut EP ‘Bà nội’ very soon and ‘World Inside Your Head’ is the first offspring. Now you may be thinking MBV such […] 

I Break Horses – No Way Outro

Not sure I’m entirely hooked on ‘Denial’, I Break Horses newest track and precursor to album number 2 which is likely to be released sometime this year. It sounds like they’ve gone backwards, from 1991 to 1986 to be precise, […] 

Slowdive – When The Sun Hits

Pulling this from one of the many repositories in the attic that contain unloved and mostly cracked old media formats. Opportune time for its appearance given than it’s almost 11pm in Dublin and still the beads are forming up on […] 

My Bloody Valentine – Soon

Despite liking what I heard first time around and for the initial few days I have yet to return to ‘MBV’ beyond those early listening sessions. A curious turn of events given the altar that stands at my bedside to […] 

Film School – Compare

There was a time when I was very partial to San Fran band Film School, almost to the point where they had ascended the prejudices and downright snobbery that are the peaks of my mount tastebuds. But then they made […] 

The Glee Club – No Reason

If like me you run from any room that features programming that includes nauseating brats doing grossly overdone cover versions please be assured that this band has nothing to do with that franchise. The truth is that the Glee Club […] 

[Stream] My Bloody Valentine – MBV

Seems the My Bloody Valentine bandcamp site has been afflicted with the same technical issues as the official resource (what a simple affair it is too, gotta love ’em) so to dull the pain here is a full stream of […] 

My Bloody Valentine – She Found Now

While it’d be faintly ridiculous to give any sort of reaction, only shallow people do that, given the fleeting nature of our relationship with MBV, the omens it must be said are good. Soon. In the meantime you can listen […] 

Tamaryn – Heavenly Bodies

You’ll hardly be surprised to know that this isn’t Tamaryn’s first foray here. Given our vintage and insatiable appetite for regurgitating the scene that celebrated itself Tamaryn are a near perfect fit. And a contemporary one too, having turned out […] 

Her Vanished Grace – Fade Away

22 years on from their faithful meeting in a New York museum Charles and Nancy Nieland show no signs of hanging up their boots on their Her Vanished Grace project. To have lasted this long in the industry takes some […] 

An Introduction To Shoegaze

It has been a couple of decades since shoegaze was at its imperial best but we can’t still shake this genre from our heads. Here is a short snapshot, containing 20 tracks, offering you a rush of blazing guitar noise […] 

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