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The Glee Club – No Reason

If like me you run from any room that features programming that includes nauseating brats doing grossly overdone cover versions please be assured that this band has nothing to do with that franchise. The truth is that the Glee Club […] 

The Spook of The Thirteenth Lock – The Brutal Here And Now (Part 1)

Of course the beauty of Dublin’s The Spook of The Thirteeth Lock is that they somehow utterly appeal to both the traditional and foraging-for-new-music people sets. I choose to say ‘sets‘ for that is the type of foot activity that […] 

Lick The Tins – Can't Help Falling In Love

John Hughes’ passing will lead to twitter tsunami’s I’m sure. He was the man responsible for a slew of incredibly popular teenage movies throughout the eighties. You’ll know them well, the Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off […] 

The Second Hand Marching Band – We Walk In The Room

This Scottish collective have already appeared here earlier this year yet I can’t draw myself away from their terrific debut EP ‘A Dance To Half Death’. Somehow they’ve managed to utilise the numerous inputs to create a seamless whole. It […] 

The Second Hand Marching Band – A Dance To Half Death

Although this song is steeped in the traditional it could only have come from 2009. And what a magical piece of music it is too, I guess you’d expect nothing less from an army of musicians from various parts of […] 

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