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Mark Linkous RIP

Just heard the very sad news that Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse has passed away. Such a major loss, he was an undoubted genius. ‘Hammering The Cramps’ is one of my all time favs but I can’t think of anything more […] 

Spirit Spine – Flashes

Fuck it, Monday tomorrow. Time to don those slightly crumpled black slacks, lace up those terribly beaten but well polished comfy brogues and remove ones brain for the necessity that is reality. It’s punishment but the daytime torture makes the […] 

The Bees – These Are The Ghosts

Despite some frequent usage on big name adverts the Bees from the Isle of Wight remain curiously unheard of. It’s a mystery really as the collective produce a user-friendly line in sixties memorabilia. Their latest album ‘Octopus’ came out earlier […] 

Grizzly Bear V The Knife – Heartbeats On A Knife (Parrka)

Last year I featured a mash-up by Sam Flanagan that pitched the Stone Roses ‘Waterfall’ with Lily Allen’s ‘LDN’. It was hugely impressive with Allen’s giddy vocals perfectly matched by the Roses shimmering chords. When they work mash-up’s can be […] 

Tony Wilson 1950 – 2007 The Durutti Column – Otis  

Dark Room Notes – Love Like Nicotine

Dirt me up after some pristine pop he said, so in rolled Dark Room Notes’ perfect blend of eerie electronic expulsions and boy/girl kite flying voices. The Dublin quartet have released 1 single to date called ‘Love Like Nicotine’ and […] 

Jeff Buckley – Corpus Christi Carol

Oh I’m tired and in need of some spiritual fulfillment. As you all know by now Jeff Buckley’s album ‘Grace’ is one of those essential pieces of modern songwriting. His death was a tragedy, he is sorely missed but sometimes […] 

The Cloud Room – Hey Now Now

The Cloud Room are yet another NY band to saviour. Well, I’m being a bit underhanded here because all I’ve heard from them is ‘Hey Now Now’. But, if they were never to record another note they could possibly die […] 

Laurel Music – No One Wants Forever

Sometimes simplicity is the key, for Laurel Music’s ‘No One Wants Forever’ read a thousand other songs. But then after a number of listens the subtleties in the fuselage start to mount a serious impression. Tobias Isaksson probably knows that […] 

The Monday Photo – Hide The Red Sneakers Song

‘Hide’ is just perfect for a relaxing Sunday night in. Light, breezy, harmony drenched with jangly chords in abundance. It’s makers are called the Monday Photo and come from Miami. They’ve only been around for 2 years and you can […] 

Ampop – Distance

You know the sage by now. Kooky sugarcube, cool capital city, imaginative national folklore, leaves, geysers, a nice mum, a propensity for alcohol, post-rock visionaries with silly hats. Yep, Iceland has brought much to the world and they are at […] 

The ME Band – TV Show

The ME band wouldn’t have been possible 15 years ago. They conduct much of their creative business on the internet you see, so when Jon Seneger is busy knocking off bit parts in Sweden his counterpart Mark Wilkinson in England […] 

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