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Weekend – Mirror

The scent of 80′s allure thickens the air and while it is not entirely acrid one does wonder why a band as obviously talented as Weekend don’t attempt to break new ground. On this occasion it is all about the […] 

Mutual Benefit – Advanced Falconry

I’ve written about this act on a couple of occasions previously without ever getting to the kernel of who they are. In many ways there is so much beauty in the music it might somehow tar the experience to find […] 

Laura Mvula – That’s Alright

A real song in 2013, who’d have thought of it. This is the sort of wow I had been expecting from the much heralded but the tunefully flat Janelle Monae. Namely a song full of personality, hooks and sky high […] 

Camp Counselors – Attean (Feat. Psychic Twin)

What is a Lefse anyway, a bad right turn? Never thought to ask myself until this evening after arriving upon another delight from the venerable Californian record label of the same name. For the last few years I don’t think […] 

Wise Blood – Nosferatu

Is it any wonder that Pittsburgh’s Wise Blood got around to recording a song called ‘Nosferatu’? Not really but then Chris Laufman appears capable of anything if you were to pull apart the wreckage of sound that his Wise Blood […] 

Junip – Line of Fire

If like me you were wondering what he was up to post that memorable cover of the Knife’s ‘Heartbeats’ then you need not wonder further as José González and his band Junip have just released their self-titled sophomore. Not a […] 

Is Tropical – Dancing Anymore

Bigger in outer Mongolia than most of the western world (fact) London act Is Tropical hardly seem bothered and why should they given that they’ve been signed to one of the coolest labels around in Kitsune. With an album barely […] 

Emily Jane White – Black Silk

It has been over 3 years since we last visited the works of Californian chanteuse Emily Jane White. On that occasion it was ‘Liza’ that blew our socks off and in the intervening period she has released her 3rd LP […] 

Young Dreams – First Days of Something

Ah Bergen, you beautifully unsymmetrical small town in western Norway and your music producing ways. Where have you been? Not sure but this is a rad reintroduction to what is possible from the colourful Northern outpost. Young Dreams have a […] 

MGMT – Alien Days

Wherein MGMT grow up and become a real band, with real songs. Imagine that, the pompous witherings of an out of touch old fool who couldn’t tell a contemporary electro classic from a jingle on Nick Jr. Quite enjoyed MGMT […] 

cfit – Heliophilia

If it wasn’t good enough that cfit sounded a little like a hype-worthy Radiohead they have now added boosters in the shape of Sigur Ros (especially on ‘Spitefuck’). Of course there remains that special secret ingredient, namely the cfit signature […] 

Ancient Astronauts – Break My Heart In 2

Though it sounds like Pittsburgh’s the Van Allen Belt this genius piece of electro hip hop is instead the work of a pair Cologne DJ’s known as Ancient Astronauts with a little help from a female friend. ‘Break My Heart […] 

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