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Bowerbirds – Tuck The Darkness In

If you are into your Midlake’s, an updated form of folk that drips with a sense of melancholy but can often be confused with the feeling of euphoria, then this is the song for you. Bowerbirds are similarly wired you […] 

Scarlet Chives – The Timber Will Fall

It is entirely odd, like Mark Greaney of JJ72 had been reborn but this time he is joined by a backing band that flit between the shadows. There are hints of malevolence throughout ‘The Timber Will Fall’ but that is […] 

Houndstooth – Canary Island

Not that it ever reaches what you’d call a crescendo but Houndstooth’s ‘Canary Island’ graduates from those tiny waves lapping at your lobes to a more forceful yet undeniably gentle caress. It is a lovely achievement for the Portland troupe […] 

Over Nights – Broken Cabins

Over Nights are a brand new duo from New York made up of childhood friends Drew Cooper and Russell Efros. They are about to release their debut ‘The Broken EP’ and ‘Broken Cabins’ is the first track to be unveiled. […] 

Cat Malojian – Life Rolls On

Given the name it was never in any doubt that this was anything other than an Irish band. It’s a phrase I haven’t heard since college mind you. The trio responsible for the language archaeology come from Lurgan, Co. Armagh […] 

Dirty Beaches – Lord Knows Best

It’s certainly odd and I’m a little behind on Alex Zhang Hungtai’s terrifically retro rendered pieces but good stuff never grows old. This little gem is taken from the Polaris long-listed album ‘Badlands’ from 2011 but if you want to […] 

Empire of The Sun – Alive

I have to admit to admiring Empire of the Sun’s ‘We Are The People’ for a long time before realising who they were. And following that revelation it took some further time to discover that one half of the Sydney […] 

Patrick Watson – Into Giants

For a man who has won the Polaris Prize (for 2007’s ‘Close To Paradise) it is to Patrick Watson’s credit that he hasn’t let the quality dip (his later albums continually get nominations for the same award). I guess talent […] 

Judson Claiborne – Neo Pagan Lovesong

It’s in the same league as the equally tongue tripping ‘If You Happy With You Need Do Nothing’ from Manchester’s Alfie and much like that album Judson Claiborne’s ‘We Have Not Doors You Need Not Keys’ is shaping up to […] 

Ólöf Arnalds – German Fields

Our last and brief brush with the hushed beauty of Iceland’s Ólöf Arnalds came almost 6 years ago which seems like an unforgivable oversight given that ‘Innundir Skinni’ passed by in the meantime. We join her at the beginning of […] 

My Bloody Valentine – Soon

Despite liking what I heard first time around and for the initial few days I have yet to return to ‘MBV’ beyond those early listening sessions. A curious turn of events given the altar that stands at my bedside to […] 

Gap Dream – Go Ahead

Gotta thank Gabriel Fulvimar of Gap Dream for leading me to the Squires, a forgotten garage band from the mid-60s’. For this is his cover of a b-side of theirs from a single called ‘Going All The Way’. How it […] 

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