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Lions – Girl From The North Country

Of course I’m above remarking on how Dylan’s original was far better, for the most part because I’ve never heard it, especially since Lions have done such a good job in making it sounding all fresh and new. Like a […] 

Potty Mouth – Black and Studs

Thought for all the world that this would be an English band, the name and their sound (Elastica, Lush, Sleeper) just seemed like a fit but Potty Mouth are a U.S. proposition. And they’re not just another female fronted band […] 

Spirit Spine – Atlantic Downs

No it’s not a lost Ian Brown track, instead it features the voice and arrangements of one Joseph Denney who last year created a minor classic in ‘Atlantic Downs’. It sank without trace which would be funny if it weren’t […] 

Air Review – Young

We wrote a post a few years back about indie music songs that contained whistling and it has been far and away the most popular page on this website (8 years old this week btw). Anyway if I had been […] 

Candy Claws – Transitional Bird (Clever Girl)

Ah Candy Claws, a force so considerable it is said that much of Denver’s natural world shakes in unison at the arrival of each one of their new records. Of course the shivers of anticipation have spread way beyond the […] 

College (feat. Electric Youth) – A Real Hero

Given the pastels in the movie, ‘Drive’, it was a real coup to get a song so redolent of the 1980’s to be a central plank in its pacing (the song also appeared on the Liam Neeson vehicle ‘Taken 2’). […] 

Washed Out – All I Know

Too hard to stay away from the new Washed Out record, ‘Paracosm’, its shimmering design syncing as it does perfectly to the Indian summer we are currently experiencing. The sense that it has all been done before is effortless swatted […] 

Cull – World Inside Your Head

Cull are a new band from Sydney with plenty of reverb on their minds. They are releasing their debut EP ‘Bà nội’ very soon and ‘World Inside Your Head’ is the first offspring. Now you may be thinking MBV such […] 

Cass McCombs – Three Men Sitting On A Hollow Log

This is more like it from Cass McCombs, simple and textured with defined hooks to hang your hat on. For all I know he may not have been in the wilderness since 2007’s ‘Dropping The Writ’ but that’s when it […] 

Washed Out – It All Feels Right

Ernest Greene makes music for the summer time, or more specifically (for those of us in wet climes) for days when the sun beats down and the only activity worth attempting is 40 winks. Whether he can make the smooth […] 

Belle Mare – The Boat Of The Fragile Mind

Had Roy Orbison still been with us and all that, and much more besides. Like a cross pollination between Mahalia Jackson and James Vincent McMorrow this Brooklyn based duo create the sound of silence that you wish never ends. London’s […] 

Gondola – We Are The Map

I love the instrumentation on this one from Brooklyn quartet Gondola. Reminds me of the best bits from Code Pie’s ‘Love Meets Rage’ where the brass bits engender a sense of quiet euphoria. Gondola appear to be a band unafraid […] 

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