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Tin Charm – SN

I have probably said it about a dozen times on these pages before but the music scene in Dublin in the mid-90’s was a pretty exciting place to be. Not so much because of the bands that were visiting but […] 

Be Forest – Captured Heart

Pesaro is a town on the coast of North East Italy and of late it has been making a name for itself for producing a clutch of promising new bands. Not exactly Bergen in scale but a scene has formed […] 

Juana Molina – Eras

The greatest thing about Juana Molina is that to become a fan you must work at it. Songs don’t reveal themselves for several listens, their off kilter nature is a natural deterrent to those who need an instant hit. It’s […] 

Satchmode – Old Fears

Few songs so easily slip into consciousness as this one from L.A. duo Satchmode. They are fresh out of the blocks and appear unencumbered with having to sound like anyone else apart from themselves. The result is their debut track […] 

The Black Hollies – Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere

If you know the Jesus & Mary Chain (or the Brian Jonestown Massacre for that matter) you’ll know this song even though there is no connection apart from the fact that it sounds very much like them. And after such […] 

Axel Boman – Fantastic Piano

As well as being the last gasp of a world infected with politeness and efforts concentrated on tasks not entirely attention grabbing Friday evenings offers an opportunity to dally on something a bit different. A little diversion that is an […] 

Saintseneca – Uppercutter

The ghost of Nirvana, a latent presence that rarely rears its head despite capturing the thoughts and minds of a generation over 2 decades ago. Thankfully there are times that contemporary artists hint at their influences even if in the […] 

The Stevens – Hindsight

This unashamedly sounds like the influences were sewn into the fabric of their sleeves yet 4-piece Melbourne band the Stevens have a knockabout way of wringing something new out of something that has been played a thousand times. To that […] 

Lions – Girl From The North Country

Of course I’m above remarking on how Dylan’s original was far better, for the most part because I’ve never heard it, especially since Lions have done such a good job in making it sounding all fresh and new. Like a […] 

Potty Mouth – Black and Studs

Thought for all the world that this would be an English band, the name and their sound (Elastica, Lush, Sleeper) just seemed like a fit but Potty Mouth are a U.S. proposition. And they’re not just another female fronted band […] 

Spirit Spine – Atlantic Downs

No it’s not a lost Ian Brown track, instead it features the voice and arrangements of one Joseph Denney who last year created a minor classic in ‘Atlantic Downs’. It sank without trace which would be funny if it weren’t […] 

Air Review – Young

We wrote a post a few years back about indie music songs that contained whistling and it has been far and away the most popular page on this website (8 years old this week btw). Anyway if I had been […] 

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