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Bee Eyes – Double Sunrise

Reminds me of something that might have ended up on a mid-90’s Dead Elvis record. Namely a recording with shoddy enough production values but altogether pristine tuneage. A piece of work that would simply fall apart if it was given […] 

Milagres – Here To Stay

I know what you’re thinking and I do agree that this Brooklyn 5-piece sound a little like Coldplay. Not that that is a bad thing, there are a million other bands that Milagres could’ve sounded like and they may never […] 

Elephant – Skyscraper

This is perfectly pitched for Sunday evenings, a rambling yet distinct Beach House type stroll from London duo Elephant. Made up of the previously amorous couple of Amelia Rivas and Christian Pinchbeck Elephant have had a tempestuous history despite only […] 

Alt-J – Tessalate

This has created enough speculation in adult minds that I’ve removed the offending shape from the Tupperware shape o ball that has been resident on our sitting room floor for over a year. And for the life of me I […] 

Eagulls – Moulting

You know for a long time this was the way music used to be. Straight-ahead, not particularly clever in the lyric department, with giant chords and a vocalist who threatened to shred his vocal chords because he wanted to give […] 

Camera2 – This Is Not A Sad Song

Funny how something so light and airy (before you dig deep and find the darkness) could come from an act that have been around the block a few times. The 4 participants in Brooklyn based Cameras2 have an impressive list […] 

The Bicycles – Appalachian Mountain Station

Things went a bit flat for Canadian troupe the Bicycle circa 2009. So much so that it seemed as if they had drawn their last breath. Thankfully there was resilience behind their sweeping indie pop façade and the band, who […] 

Trey Brown – Don’t You See?

Taken from 2008’s Smoke A’ Risin’ this is the perfect introduction to Austin’s alt-country entry Trey Brown. It takes dedication and craft to sound this relaxed on record and a good deal more to pack a vocal melody that is […] 

The River Cry – Honeymoon

Hilary Woods’ debut album as the River Cry caught me by surprise. First and most pertinently because of the distance she has travelled from her previous incarnation as bass player with JJ72. Secondly and most enjoyably it is the strength […] 

Cayucas – High School Lover

Cayucas used to be called Oregon Bike Trails (who had a song called ‘Cayucas’) and the change of state (Cayucas is a small coastal town in California) has really served them well given the drop dead addictive nature of ‘High […] 

I Can Chase Dragons! – Cuantas Caras

Somewhat like a primeval El Guincho this is nothing less than the perfect distillation of tropical electronica. The words are rendered meaningless for the non-Spanish speaking amongst us but it matters not a jot because ‘Cuantas Caras’ is all about […] 

Clinic – Misty

We thought we had lost them to the sea of ordinariness but little did we know that Liverpool’s Clinic were clinging on for dear life, plotting a comeback to rival that of their incendiary early selves. Mark II includes all […] 

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