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Carroll – Lead Balloon

The word Carroll drums up lots of memories, a hotel manager with a keen line in sarcasm for one and the cigarettes of the same plural name for another. Given the title of this song the latter was particularly prevalent […] 

Coves – Cast A Shadow

There is concerted edginess to the playing on ‘Cast A Shadow’ but for all that the overriding impression you’re left with comes courtesy of Beck Wood’s sixties drenched vocals. It’s a fine contrast that is underlined by the low slung […] 

Belle & Sebastian – Seeing Other People

Given that this blog is now in its 8th year it seems completely bonkers that I’ve sidestepped the action of ever posting this song. At the time of its release this Glasgow band had me in their grip, they could […] 

The Joys of Sleeping – Dude York Pt. 1

Eh? Is that Explosions In The Sky, surely there’s no way they’ve got a singer from amongst their ranks and my oh my he ain’t half bad. Such is the wandering mind of a lazy blogger, too tired to alt […] 

SPLASHH – Washed Up

If you are as old as me you’ll remember the hirsute, short panced Stourbridge combo known as Ned’s Atomic Dustbin. There were a couple of things that always struck me about that band (who are remarkably still on the road), […] 

Popstrangers – Heaven

If there is one thing that ‘Heaven’ does it is remind us about the reason why we listen to music in the first place, namely a good chorus. And for all that the song gives no indication in its early […] 

Moon Duo – Free Action

So this is what happens when Spectrum swallow a several bottles of Clinic. No violent reactions, no rash decisions, just a spinning top of a tune that’d wake even the sleepiest of bears from its winter slumber. And it was […] 

Tiger Waves – Countryside

Austin’s Tiger Waves could well become our favourite new band and that’s even before their debut album sees the light of day (maybe sometime this year). Our excitement is not confined to this perfect piece of surf jangle either, but […] 

Thunder Power – Night Creatures

When I first clapped ears on this song I thought there was another tune playing on a separate browser. It’s just what you get with Thunder Power I guess, the sound of an ambush in the distance, a really good […] 

Low – Just Make It Stop

Minnesota 3-piece Low do not have to release a new record to have us in raptures each year. That’s because come December our hearts swell with the love that their ‘Christmas’ EP keeps on giving. Of course things take a […] 

Dancing Heals – Live and Learn

What is it about Melbourne bands and their impossibly high falsettoed frontmen? First we had the knockout vocals offered by Dougy Mandagi of the Temper Trap and in his wake is the equally high pitched Daniel Trakell of Dancing Heals. […] 

Indoor Voices – So Smart

Not sure why but 2013 has started out on a decidely shoegaze, or dreamgaze on this occasion, bent. Perhaps it’s the haze and near delirium caused by another Christmas in the recycle bin and the realisation that it won’t be […] 

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