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Cameras – Defeatist

Watch the video below and you’ll probably never get it out of your head, at the very least the images will reappear têteside each time you hear this anthemic number from Cameras. And I’m guessing that could be quite often […] 

Is Paris Burning – Wild

There is really something unfettered about Kansas band Is Paris Burning. As if they were given a single hour’s studio time and had 6 months in which to plan how they’d use it. So many ideas, so much to squash […] 

The Twin Atlas – Double Shot

It’s over in half the time it takes a 3-minute wonder to work its magic but somehow this effort from the Twin Atlas has charmed. Sadly it looks like the duo behind the song are no more having thrown in […] 

Teleman – Cristina

What is it going to take to propel Thomas Sanders to something approximating stardom? Not his talent alone because to date even that colossus has failed. Tap Tap, Pete & The Pirates and even our meagre effort (listen below) have […] 

Low Sea – Last Rain

This Waterford (previously Galway) based duo Low Sea just seem too good to be true. Here is a band that bolt so many influences into their armoury it could so easily destabilise and fall apart on the floor like the […] 

Biggles Flys Again – Chambers

My brother, although a dear sibling of mine, is notoriously hard to please when it comes to new music. Much like that old lady Whelan(‘s) his soundtrack mostly stopped adding newbies around 1993 and for that I do respect him […] 

Swim Deep – She Changes The Weather

Who knows, maybe God is a woman and she has finally decided that the cold snap should end so that we can finally end the minute-by-minute greasy cleanse from our children’s faces. Maybe not, but in the search to link […] 

Swords – Special

Haven’t heard it mentioned in many places but from this corner it would appear like 2013 is turning out like a great year for emerging indie acts from Ireland. Artists that have pushed the strum to the side and gone […] 

Sticklips – Know Yer Blows

Just when you think this lullaby is about to nod off for the night it gets all rumbly and a little thundery. Doesn’t make sense really and I closed every open browsers within earshot in a vain attempt to kill […] 

Splashh – Sun Kissed Bliss

And so we return to these anglopodean wonderkids for the 3rd time in as many months. Really like the cut of their early 90’s jib you see and you’ve got to applaud any tune that involves the sun when it’s […] 

Swimming In Speakers – Mind Does Take

‘Guessing The Others’ is perhaps as acutely wanderlustful as indie pop gets. Can’t be fogging up those thick rimmed spectacles now can we, so for all the curveballs thrown by this New York duo there are twice as many tender […] 

Locas In Love – Bushaltestelle (The Bus Stop Song)

I hope the realisation that this is actually a cover doesn’t take from the pleasure it is currently affording you. Look at it this way, now you have 2 favourite new bands to salivate over. First there is the Nebraska […] 

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