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The Van Allen Belt – Songs

At this stage I have completely run out of superlatives to describe the wonderfulness of Pittsburgh’s the Van Allen Belt so from this sentence forth effusiveness will be in short supply. Oh fuck it who am I kidding, how can […] 

Grounders – Crown Land

I miss the times when all my wife and I seemed to do was go and see Mercury Rev. It was during their most creative patch, circa ‘Deserter Songs’, and they seemed destined to visit Irish shores every few months. […] 

Veronica Falls – Buried Alive

Goodness knows how I’ve missed them up to this point given that my usual set of indie pop barometers have been flagging Veronica Falls for some time. Well, at least we’re here now I suppose. And what a treat it […] 

Broke For Free – Budding

As seems to be the default setting for bedroom electronic acts there appears to be less than diddly squat in the bio department for Broke For Free. He may well be called Tom Cascino though and his bedroom is located […] 

Male Bonding – Bones

Just as long as there are bands like Male Bonding doing the rounds we can safely say that guitar music is not dead. Nor going to die anytime soon as it appears that the London lads (still don’t know how […] 

The Glee Club – No Reason

If like me you run from any room that features programming that includes nauseating brats doing grossly overdone cover versions please be assured that this band has nothing to do with that franchise. The truth is that the Glee Club […] 

Team Me – Dear Sister

Trondheim’s Team Me sure caught our attention last year with their splendid ‘Show Me’ single. In the end it easily made the cut for our best songs of 2012 and had we heard of them in 2011 I’m sure ‘Dear […] 

Sleeper – Vegas

Louise Wener really was a perfect 90′s frontwoman. Ballsy and opinionated she was the archetypal loose canon (with a good deal of substance behind her utterances it must be said) whose confidence in her band’s music was only matched by […] 

Ken Stringfellow – Doesn’t It Remind You of Something (feat. Charity Rose Thielen)

It’s not a new trick, this beauty and the grizzled old bear routine because one only has to go back to the successful Isobel Campbel and Mark Lanagen collaboration (and Kylie and Nick Cave, Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews before […] 

David Wax Museum – Will You Be Sleeping?

There are bands that make songs that sound like they’ve thrown the kitchen sink at it. Unfortunately this can often end up like a kitchen sink filled with greasy delf and cutlery. But not when you have an act as […] 

Conduits – Misery Train

The last time we rummaged around Conduits’ self-titled debut we uncovered a song that ended up in our top 3 songs of the year. ‘Top of The Hill’ was of a shoegaze bent, something that might just attain a greater […] 

Cotton Jones – Nicotine Canaries

Despite being inactive on the recording front for almost 2 years it is somewhat reassuring to find out that that lonesome duo known as Cotton Jones are currently touring. They’re not conventional by any manner of means (which is odd […] 

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