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Film School – Compare

There was a time when I was very partial to San Fran band Film School, almost to the point where they had ascended the prejudices and downright snobbery that are the peaks of my mount tastebuds. But then they made […] 

Winter Sport – Northern Summer

What a strange and rather fabulous song. Full of contradictions that extend from its title to the band who made it and from the mix of plodding 80’s percussive techniques to the slinky 21st century laptop laser guided gestures. The […] 

We Are Trees – Teenage Heartbreak

It probably sounds close to ridiculous now given the current state of technological advancement but I can clearly remember getting our first landline phone installed and the highlight for many weeks being the moment it actually rang. Everything stopped through […] 

Nikki Lane – Gone, Gone, Gone

Can’t beat a bit of alt country with a singer that sounds all the world like a youthful Stevie Nicks. And Nikki Lane isn’t just content to leave it at recording gems like ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’ either as she has […] 

Anna Ternheim – To Be Gone

In a world as niched as ours it’s not often that we wander beyond ye olde indie borders for the sanctity of new and unusual thrills. It’s the way we were programmed you see, like a fatal flaw that will […] 

Turtlemeyer – Amends

Funny how the moment you first heard an album can be so easily recalled, even decades later. This evening I’m thinking of a very early morning in 1995, foetal position on a couch, after a particularly heavy night of imbibement. […] 

The Wind Whistles – Bats In Flight

How nice it is to find labels like Aaahh Records who go about their business with the minimum of fuss despite a seam of talent in their locker. Bright sparks like the zany Canadian duo the Wind Whistles who appear […] 

The Van Allen Belt – Songs

At this stage I have completely run out of superlatives to describe the wonderfulness of Pittsburgh’s the Van Allen Belt so from this sentence forth effusiveness will be in short supply. Oh fuck it who am I kidding, how can […] 

Grounders – Crown Land

I miss the times when all my wife and I seemed to do was go and see Mercury Rev. It was during their most creative patch, circa ‘Deserter Songs’, and they seemed destined to visit Irish shores every few months. […] 

Veronica Falls – Buried Alive

Goodness knows how I’ve missed them up to this point given that my usual set of indie pop barometers have been flagging Veronica Falls for some time. Well, at least we’re here now I suppose. And what a treat it […] 

Broke For Free – Budding

As seems to be the default setting for bedroom electronic acts there appears to be less than diddly squat in the bio department for Broke For Free. He may well be called Tom Cascino though and his bedroom is located […] 

Male Bonding – Bones

Just as long as there are bands like Male Bonding doing the rounds we can safely say that guitar music is not dead. Nor going to die anytime soon as it appears that the London lads (still don’t know how […] 

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