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Cat Power – Sea Of Love

Chan Marshall has been recording for over a decade as Cat Power. She has incrementally announced herself to the world through increasingly dramatic releases. Her talent has a two-pronged dimension to it. She not only writes great compositions but also […] 

Hotels – Atlantic

In case you are confused this is not The Hotels from the UK, this is in fact Hotels from the US. So goes the itsy bitsy ironic piece on Hotels myspace bulletin board anyway and who are we to argue. […] 

The Go! Team – Bottle Rocket

I would have posted this about a year ago had it not been for its omnipresence around the world of the blog. With the gushing noise almost abated it seems appropriate to reintroduce the majestic globe of activity that is […] 


Not how its sounds, more how it looks in a Sugababes type of way.  

The Charlatans – I Don't Want To See The Sights

In many ways ‘Between 10th And 11th’ is the Charlatans great lost album. Coming as it did after the baggy trip of ‘Some Friendly’ many fans seemed thrown by its more traditional reliance on guitars as opposed to Rob Collins […] 

Blackbud – Heartbeat

You can forget Dean Windass and his legendary pouch, Blackbud are about to become the biggest thing ever to come kicking and screaming out of Bradford. With songs such as the treasureable ‘Heartbeat’ their future looks particulary rosy. The essential […] 

The Amazing Pilots – All My Wasted Days

The brothers Wilkinson could be another Snow Patrol (in a Reindeer Section kinda way) waiting to happen. Coming from the same part of the globe and bulging at the seems with songs that get under skin in the nicest possible […] 

The Czars – Paint The Moon

If I’d heard this about 10 years ago I would have scoffed at its inoffensiveness, missing the main argument of the heavenly slumber that is the wonderful vocal melodies. There are no elaborate guitar sequences, just pretty stay in the […] 

Bell Orchestre – The Upwards March

First a little background on this Montreal collective. They take their lead from Arcade Fire members Richard Reed Parry and violinist Sarah Neufeld. Their astonishing album ‘Recording A Tape the Colour of the Light’ was recorded simultaneously with ‘Funeral’ and […] 

The Egg – Walking Away

Can’t beat a good old electronic wigout to clear out the nostrils of any excess indiepop. And Londoners the Egg can generally perform this duty with aplomb. Getting a bit of notice lately have the lads, mostly for ‘Walking Away’s […] 

The House Of Love – Beatles And The Stones

You can boil the genius of Alan McGee’s Creation Records down to a handful of artists. The House of Love would certainly be included in this select group. Borne out of the vocal/songwriting talent of Guy Chadwick and Terry Bickers […] 

Explosions In The Sky – The Long Spring: Day Four

You wait for a new Explosions In The Sky (post rock kings) song to come along and then 9 arrive all at once. And you know what kids, they are all free, yep our Texan friends are out on their […] 

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