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Holland – Yellow For Brown Auslan

Feel like you are sinking in a sea of indie rock sameness. Fancy taking a left turn at the next left? Then perhaps Pockclock’s Holland will do just nicely. With a new EP available for free download your escape route […] 

Chin Up Chin Up – This Harness Can't Ride Anything

For the life of me I can’t think of Chicago without reminiscing on the times I’ve spent listening to Sufjan Steven’s song of the same name. Perhaps that’s all about to change with Chin Up Chin Up’s (windy city natives) […] 

Sparrow House – When I Am Gone

And you thought JG’s ‘Heartbeats’ couldn’t possibly be topped. Well it’s happened and it doesn’t need a hill and a million rubber balls to preach its message. ‘When I Am Gone’ runs out of steam towards curtains but the opening […] 

The Cherry Tempo – In Hindsight I Know

Such is my sneaking regard for electronica that I will fall instantly for anything that trebles with noises pouring from an object that one day could hold us all prisoners. That’s why when Santa Fe’s the Cherry Tempo broached my […] 

Sunbear – Resin

You can now buy this song and the rest of the album on our record label Indiecater Records here! There are about 10 Irish albums that I return to in times of need. One of those is the eponymous debut […] 

Wilco – I Am Trying To Break Your Heart

Not sure what it is about Jeff Tweedy’s band of rarefied musicians that keeps me from their door. Of course it’s easy to fall for the scattershot charm of their big ‘hit’ ‘Outtasite (Outta Mind)’ but the thoughts of sitting […] 

Neugaze (cause shoes were meant for gazing at)

Here is the case for the defence (here too). Pretty soon neugaze treats will be as common as cloudy days in Ireland and thus in the spirit of documenting the rise of said phenomenon this portion of the site will […] 

Beulah – Popular Mechanics For Lovers

If you are trying to describe what indie is to someone who have never experienced the sounds of the underground then you could do worse than to slip them a copy of Beulah’s ‘The Coast Is Never Clear’. Beulah broke […] 

Siberian – Any Day Now

It’d probably be easy to discount Siberian as another powerpop combo flaunting anthemic choruses until you realise that much of their output follows less obvious but more attention grabbing routes. One vital ingredient is guitarist Zach Tillman who used to […] 

Los Campesinos! – You! Me! Dancing!

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while since reading about the band on Nothing But Green Lights a while back. Why you might add, well, when you happen upon something that sounds as instantly attractive as ‘You! Me! […] 

Stars Of Stage And Screen – Dizzy Silver Memories

Stars of Stage and Screen have cracked the download market. With hundreds of thousands of downloads (you can get their latest LP ‘American Oddity’ for free from their website) it would seem that this NY duo should to be on […] 

Lone Wolf And Cub – I Will Hammerpunch Your Clavicle

There is something altogether heartbreaking about ‘Lone Wolf And Cub’, not exactly the band themselves (this is 5 lads who’ve only been together as a band since 2004) but their music, which peels away at your surface confidence to reveal […] 

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