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Flowered Up – Open Up Me Weekender

Kasabian take note, Flowered Up are back and primed to steal the crown that is rightfully theirs. Yep, it seems that the alcohol and drugs that ravaged several minds up to 1992 has finally ebbed away and London’s answer to […] 

Damon Albarn – End Titles

I guess I’m a bit out on my own here because I just don’t get what all the fuss about Gorillaz is. The cartoons annoy me; the music is halfway to somewhere but nowhere near the outskirts of enjoyable. Just […] 

Laurel Music – No One Wants Forever

Sometimes simplicity is the key, for Laurel Music’s ‘No One Wants Forever’ read a thousand other songs. But then after a number of listens the subtleties in the fuselage start to mount a serious impression. Tobias Isaksson probably knows that […] 

St. Etienne – Let's Build A Zoo

From time to time a celebrity death affects me. Generally I am over it within a day or two but the news of Steve Irwin’s death will take longer. The man was so full of life and so passionate about […] 

The Monday Photo – Hide The Red Sneakers Song

‘Hide’ is just perfect for a relaxing Sunday night in. Light, breezy, harmony drenched with jangly chords in abundance. It’s makers are called the Monday Photo and come from Miami. They’ve only been around for 2 years and you can […] 

The Rebirth Of Shoegaze

Not content with peering back to a long departed rave scene it seems we are about to witness Shoegaze’s second coming. Thankfully, this is a well I could heartily drink from again and still do whenever I feel like escaping […] 

Ampop – Distance

You know the sage by now. Kooky sugarcube, cool capital city, imaginative national folklore, leaves, geysers, a nice mum, a propensity for alcohol, post-rock visionaries with silly hats. Yep, Iceland has brought much to the world and they are at […] 

Segueness III

[Segueness is a curious random occurrence where two tunes ultimately beat as one] Lovebabies were signed to Richard Branson’s V2 label for a short time in the late nineties. I bought their ‘Blue Earth Angel’ EP cause I liked their […] 

My Dad vs. Yours – Grand Law Of Unintended Consequences

Another post-rock outfit to steal your heart, My Dad vs. Yours have a colourful history that saw them first entering the creative arena as puppeteers. An acid tongued critic put paid to the fledgling string merchants aspirations and they soon […] 

The ME Band – TV Show

The ME band wouldn’t have been possible 15 years ago. They conduct much of their creative business on the internet you see, so when Jon Seneger is busy knocking off bit parts in Sweden his counterpart Mark Wilkinson in England […] 

Human Television – In Front Of The House

I’m not sure guitars have been jangled this tenderly since the Field Mice decided to call it a day. Human Television rank Rocketship among their influences (they may be young but they’ve done their research) and with a debut album […] 

Michael Knight – I Did It Biff's Way

You can now buy this song and the rest of the album on our record label Indiecater Records here! In some ways ‘I Did It Biff’s Way’ is an new avenue of wonkatainment for Michael Knight but as a curtain […] 

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