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Boat – Last Cans Of Paint

Boat are based around the vocal talents of D. Crane. He put the band together after a move to Chicago didn’t result in all-things-going his way. Once back in his hometown of Seattle, however, Boat were soon releasing their maiden […] 

Ash – Petrol

You probably know them as the juggernaut shiny pop hit production line. But, there was a time when a trio of ‘guaranteed teenagers’ from a wee place in Northern Ireland struggled to release their debut record in-between studying for their […] 

Mike TV – Money Shot

Charlie Bucket was a tad drippy for my liking, the real star of the kids in Willy Wonka was always Mike TV. Pretty neat character, full of his own self-confidence, a total brat but engaging all the same. So it […] 

A Hat-Trick of Oddballs in a Sanitised Game

Who said the underground music scene had gone stale? Not with these itsy bitsy weeny wonders doing the rounds. The Archie Bronson Outfit were discovered in a bar by the Domino label. You can see what attracted them, the freewheelin’ […] 

The Album Leaf – Window

Jimmy Lavalle is the man behind the Album Leaf although he has a full live band to call upon. Many were first drawn to them through their collaboration with Sigur Ros on the third album ‘In A Safe Place’ which […] 

Ryan McPhun & The Ruby Suns – Maasai Mara

In an effort to shun his metal adoring chums Ryan McPhun decided to split from his home in California and put down roots in faraway New Zealand. A little over the top I’m sure you’ll agree but in musical terms […] 

Segueness (Pilot)

Segueness is a curious random occurrence where two tunes ultimately beat as one. It’s what the best DJ’s call the moment they turned down a pretty girl. Segueness will attempt to extract some fine tunage from disparate artists, put them […] 

The Sound Of Young Ireland (Vol. 1)

Tasty morsels from the land that made Richie Kavanagh a star. An occasional series that promises the best of Irish without the Concertina. Beard stroking electronica from the man with no fixed monikor. Si Schroeder – Lavendermist More info: Si […] 

St. Etienne – Kiss And Make Up

St. Etienne are such a sweet combo, still on the go and consistently creating music to revere. The threesome consists of Bob Stanley/Pete Wiggs electronic machinations and Sarah Cracknell’s faint Motown wispiness. The effect is a magical brew that could […] 

For Those Who Know – Competition

Of late I haven’t been able to shift my focus from Austin, Texas. Not because of SXSW, that isn’t for at least another 6 months. It just seems that there is remarkable crop of new bands appearing over the brow […] 

Loxsly – Stethoscope

Can there be anything more exciting than discovering an unsigned gem amongst the plethora of musical resources spread throughout myspace? Probably a few I suppose but right at this moment Austin 5-piece Loxsly are consuming me. Not in an agonising […] 

A Cricket In Times Square – Fast, Cheap, Out Of Control

If you like your harmonies to be bludgeoned to within an inch of their lives then you’ll be salivating over A Cricket In Times Square’s ‘Fast, Cheap, Out Of Control’. Don’t know whether it was recorded in an airport hanger […] 

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