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Segueness (Pilot)

Segueness is a curious random occurrence where two tunes ultimately beat as one. It’s what the best DJ’s call the moment they turned down a pretty girl. Segueness will attempt to extract some fine tunage from disparate artists, put them […] 

The Sound Of Young Ireland (Vol. 1)

Tasty morsels from the land that made Richie Kavanagh a star. An occasional series that promises the best of Irish without the Concertina. Beard stroking electronica from the man with no fixed monikor. Si Schroeder – Lavendermist More info: Si […] 

St. Etienne – Kiss And Make Up

St. Etienne are such a sweet combo, still on the go and consistently creating music to revere. The threesome consists of Bob Stanley/Pete Wiggs electronic machinations and Sarah Cracknell’s faint Motown wispiness. The effect is a magical brew that could […] 

For Those Who Know – Competition

Of late I haven’t been able to shift my focus from Austin, Texas. Not because of SXSW, that isn’t for at least another 6 months. It just seems that there is remarkable crop of new bands appearing over the brow […] 

Loxsly – Stethoscope

Can there be anything more exciting than discovering an unsigned gem amongst the plethora of musical resources spread throughout myspace? Probably a few I suppose but right at this moment Austin 5-piece Loxsly are consuming me. Not in an agonising […] 

A Cricket In Times Square – Fast, Cheap, Out Of Control

If you like your harmonies to be bludgeoned to within an inch of their lives then you’ll be salivating over A Cricket In Times Square’s ‘Fast, Cheap, Out Of Control’. Don’t know whether it was recorded in an airport hanger […] 

Sinead O'Connor & Shane MacGowan – Haunted

Of course she’s as mad as a brush but that doesn’t stop Sinead O’Connor having one of the most moving voices to ever pass through the pop sphere. Her association with movie soundtracks began in 1987 when her collaboration with […] 

Remy Zero – Fair

It’s hard to suss whether Remy Zero still exist having broke up initially in 2003 there are indications that they are presently recording new material. ‘Save Me’ is their most well known track having being adopted as the theme tune […] 

Holy Fuck – Cadio Bossa Nova

I don’t think electronica has ever sounded like this. I mean Underworld could pretty much isolate their human thought processes and feed them through the machines but then Hyde and Emerson were always level headed fellows. Now imagine a room […] 

The Capitol Years – Juicers

‘Let Them Drink’ was Shai Halperin’s 3rd studio album in 4 years as the Capitol Years. It also announced Halperin’s decision to expand the bands membership and finally become a fully-fledged outfit. Up to this point Halperin had doodled successfully […] 

Regina Spektor – Us

Everybody has their own story about how they stumbled upon Regina Spektor’s music. The Russian born singer with the big apple accentuated warble is certainly destined for big things. I had read that Spektor had been the girl who broke […] 

Rocket Science – Being Followed

The aptly named Roman Tucker had this dream of becoming a rock star when he was a kid. He aspired to write tunes that pillaged so devastatingly from the past but still could wake contemporary youth from its slumber. What […] 

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