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The Gladeyes – Bad Town Blues

If Camera Obscura are ever to achieve what their music ultimately deserves then watch the female fronted bandwagon ride into town with gusto. Before all of that happens we can sit back and be entertained by the breezy charms of […] 

Boat – Last Cans Of Paint

Boat are based around the vocal talents of D. Crane. He put the band together after a move to Chicago didn’t result in all-things-going his way. Once back in his hometown of Seattle, however, Boat were soon releasing their maiden […] 

Ash – Petrol

You probably know them as the juggernaut shiny pop hit production line. But, there was a time when a trio of ‘guaranteed teenagers’ from a wee place in Northern Ireland struggled to release their debut record in-between studying for their […] 

Mike TV – Money Shot

Charlie Bucket was a tad drippy for my liking, the real star of the kids in Willy Wonka was always Mike TV. Pretty neat character, full of his own self-confidence, a total brat but engaging all the same. So it […] 

A Hat-Trick of Oddballs in a Sanitised Game

Who said the underground music scene had gone stale? Not with these itsy bitsy weeny wonders doing the rounds. The Archie Bronson Outfit were discovered in a bar by the Domino label. You can see what attracted them, the freewheelin’ […] 

The Album Leaf – Window

Jimmy Lavalle is the man behind the Album Leaf although he has a full live band to call upon. Many were first drawn to them through their collaboration with Sigur Ros on the third album ‘In A Safe Place’ which […] 

Ryan McPhun & The Ruby Suns – Maasai Mara

In an effort to shun his metal adoring chums Ryan McPhun decided to split from his home in California and put down roots in faraway New Zealand. A little over the top I’m sure you’ll agree but in musical terms […] 

Segueness (Pilot)

Segueness is a curious random occurrence where two tunes ultimately beat as one. It’s what the best DJ’s call the moment they turned down a pretty girl. Segueness will attempt to extract some fine tunage from disparate artists, put them […] 

The Sound Of Young Ireland (Vol. 1)

Tasty morsels from the land that made Richie Kavanagh a star. An occasional series that promises the best of Irish without the Concertina. Beard stroking electronica from the man with no fixed monikor. Si Schroeder – Lavendermist More info: Si […] 

St. Etienne – Kiss And Make Up

St. Etienne are such a sweet combo, still on the go and consistently creating music to revere. The threesome consists of Bob Stanley/Pete Wiggs electronic machinations and Sarah Cracknell’s faint Motown wispiness. The effect is a magical brew that could […] 

For Those Who Know – Competition

Of late I haven’t been able to shift my focus from Austin, Texas. Not because of SXSW, that isn’t for at least another 6 months. It just seems that there is remarkable crop of new bands appearing over the brow […] 

Loxsly – Stethoscope

Can there be anything more exciting than discovering an unsigned gem amongst the plethora of musical resources spread throughout myspace? Probably a few I suppose but right at this moment Austin 5-piece Loxsly are consuming me. Not in an agonising […] 

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