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Michael Knight – I Did It Biff's Way

You can now buy this song and the rest of the album on our record label Indiecater Records here! In some ways ‘I Did It Biff’s Way’ is an new avenue of wonkatainment for Michael Knight but as a curtain […] 

Viva Voce – We Do Not Fuck Around

We’ve already have a clutch of endearing boy/girl duo’s, Meg and Jack (White), Eleanor and Matt (Friedberger), Bonnie and Clyde (cough). You can now add a pair of Robinson’s to the list as the Kevin Husband and Anite Wife duo […] 

Viva L'American Death Ray Music – Needle To The Heart Of The Matter

Get your retro jeans on because this is going to trigger some memories. Right now I am hearing And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead and Lou Reed but there is a smorgasbord of influences seeping through. […] 

Segueness II

[Segueness is a curious random occurrence where two tunes ultimately beat as one] Not very obvious this one but I can’t listen to either song without thinking of the other. Witness seemed to have the critics in their pockets but […] 

Delakota – C'mon Cincinnati

Kasabian have cleverly nailed their intentions to the Manchester flag. Occasionally they can be kinda stirring but tune longevity is the one trick that have yet to master. ‘Club Foot’, so immensely off its rocker initially soon sags like a […] 

Darker My Love – Fall

The Serena Maneesh album is proof positive that shoegazing is enjoying a fruitful second coming. Even more fresh off the press is the debut album from California’s Darker My Love which came out a couple of days ago. If MBV, […] 

James Blunt – Round And Round

This is a real exclusive for the site! A while back James Blunt sent me a message through myspace asking whether we’d be interested in giving his forthcoming album a push by posting a track. Naturally I was horrified at […] 

The Arcade Fire – No Winter For A Year

Speaking of works in progress (or works that never progressed in this case) here is a clip of the Arcade Fire before they bloomed into their current multi-membered incarnation. ‘Winter For A Year’ is taken from a demo recorded in […] 

Levy – Squeeze

Ahhh isn’t life just grand. The days are warm, the pre-Christmas advertising campaign is only around the corner and Levy have just sent me a clutch of new songs from their forthcoming LP which they may or may not call […] 

The High Dials – The Holy Ground

The High Dials have lost their drummer, not such great news when there’s several UK festivals to play and a glowing NME review to build upon. In the end it’ll probably end up being a minor issue for the Montreal […] 

Oppenheimer – Breakfast in NYC

Now this is a nice surprise, not at all what you’d expect from alternative Ulster. It seems the changing atmosphere up North is at last manifesting itself in a softer edge creeping into the music being produced there. I guess […] 

Sebadoh – The Freed Pig

You can tell from his eyes that that J. Mascis is one moody dude. Every moment such a splendid freak scene and so in a bid to save his sanity Lou Barlow broke from Dinosaur Jr. with the bands drummer […] 

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