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Robert Lux – I Feel New (Feat Charlotte Sometimes)

He’s based in Brooklyn just like all the others but what marks Robert Lester out is that he makes his living from sonic endeavours. No flipping, waxing or stacking for Mr Lux because when he’s not collaborating with friend Charlotte […] 

Chalk and Numbers – In The Dark

Might be tempting fate with this one given the storm that is a brewing outside but even if the lights go we’ll still be able to bask in the sunshine rays of Chalk and Numbers. The NYC duo have been […] 

Ron Sexsmith – Foolproof

And then there are artists like Ron Sexsmith who appear resistant to the laws of diminishing returns. So good is he that perversely I do not have enough time to give his back catalogue the time it deserves. What works […] 

Lapland – Metal Lungs

If you’re thinking there is no way of escaping this damned season then be assured that Lapland has nothing snow related going on. Not that you’d expect anything of the sort from a Brooklyn artist who is originally from dusty […] 

Kingston – Weird Dreams

Well enough of this crushed bauble underfootness (numbers vastly depleted owing to 18 month old Godzilla with a penchant for the shiny, new and reachable) it’s time to start the new year with something exciting and local. Kilkenny as it […] 

Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan – Time of the Season

For much of the year it is Christmas time in my brain so when it actually comes around I get anxious about what I should be experiencing, somewhat scared that I will miss something. So this year I’ve decided to […] 

Damien Jurado – Kalla Hus

When the saccharine starts to rot teeth I always find it a nice tonic (sugar free) to stick on ye olde miserable Christmas music. In some ways that’s a bad description as a dose of reality in a hyperventilating atmosphere […] 

Top 42 Songs From 2013

Our 8th annual retrospective and this year’s best songs compare wonderfully what has passed before. 2013 was certainly the year where I markedly left albums behind, not because I particularly wanted to but because time was in such short supply. […] 

Two Door Cinema Club – Changing Of The Seasons

This is undoubtedly the 2nd best song that Northern Ireland act Two Door Cinema Club have written after the effervescent glory of their early tune ‘Something Good Can Work’. ‘Changing of the Seasons’ was released on a EP of the […] 

Desert – Desert

If you’re wondering what the strange lyrics are let me put you out of your misery as (the Minty Fresh bound) Desert sing in Catalan. Comprised of Cristina Checa and Eloi Caballé this Barcelona duo came together in the wake […] 

Ben Hood – This Year

With Christmas rolling around again the inevitable Indiecater festive compilation is shaking a snow globe in the face of everyone on the block. You should know the drill by now with this collection of Christmas songs attempting to offer some […] 

Alice And The Glass Lake – Lumunious

Imagine the moment when 4AD finally discovered that it was riding the crest of another movement and then put this song as the opening song on their compilation illustrating the arrival of the moment. ‘Luminous’ has so much going for […] 

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