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The Stone Roses Vs Kasabian – Waterfall Beats

Football programmes can be a great source for new music, the major stumbling block being that you need to catch the lyrics in order to search-engine yourself to discovery. The ‘Premiership’ show on RTE has a decent hit ratio and […] 

Aircraft – River Coma

Come Sunday evening I’m usually all tangled up and unable to believe that the sanctuary provided by the weekend is almost at an end. As the beginning to accept the inevitable moment arrives it is nice to reach for the […] 

Emily Wells – Passenger

I never know whether getting under someone’s skin is a good or bad thing but when you feel ‘Passenger’ make itself known to your outer covering it feels just right. Texan Emily Wells orchestrates this fragile and intricate delight, marrying […] 

Passenger – Feather On The Clyde

Something nice and quiet while the kiddies sleep nearby. A song by the oddly voiced Mike Rosenberg that had me hooked even before the brass kicked in. And isn’t it nice to listen to songs where the words trickle out […] 

Dinosaur Jr. – Watch The Corners

They appeared before Nirvana and Pearl Jam but I’ve always associated Dinosaur Jr. with that clutch of bands that so defined the early 90’s. In truth their influence has never reached the seismic levels achieved by those other bands but […] 

Bouts – We Tried

Jaysus these lads are great, a Dublin 4-piece with genuine balls. Not something you come across very often and we’re scratching our heads wondering how they could have bypassed us for 2 EP’s and 1 whole LP. ‘We Tried’ comes […] 

Solomon Grey – Firechild

I know, this could well be the Scissor Sisters with some of their geeky brothers supplying the admittedly fancy electronic noodling in the background. And don’t be fooled by websites that claim the band ‘is a Brighton based company selling […] 

A Monday Compendium

A Monday without work is like a Christmas without fighting so to celebrate we’ve decided to clear the decks of our in-transit basket – a purgatory of sorts for songs that are too good to guillotine but missing a vital […] 

Hospitality – Friends of Friends

The bands that catch our attention these days would most likely have caught our attention back in the 1990’s. The reason being that somewhere along the road to this new decade the innovators have stopped innovating, or to put it […] 

FNDTY – Never Die

Fandi Aditya chose to do it differently and because he operates on his lonesome it does make sense. He is informed by loud guitars with real song structures but the tools at his disposal are from an altogether more contemporary […] 

Champagne Champagne – I Fell Through

I would never dream of pretending to know anything outside of my indie comfort zone so when Seattle’s Champagne Champagne started to gingerly gnaw at my heartstrings I put it down to that 1% of me that gives other genres […] 

Best Coast – Gone Again

Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno are between them into Fleetwood Mac, Metallica and cats. Not that you could entirely tell from the summer pop that coarses through their records but then what our popstars do in their spare time should […] 

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