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Best Coast – Gone Again

Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno are between them into Fleetwood Mac, Metallica and cats. Not that you could entirely tell from the summer pop that coarses through their records but then what our popstars do in their spare time should […] 

Power Animal – Exorcism

In a world where ones own haircut and apparel take precedence over concern for your unfortunate brethren it is heartwarming to discover artists like Power Animal signed to labels like Human Kindness Overflowing. For just last year the pair recorded […] 

The Soundcarriers – Last Broadcast

Speaking of Stereolab and more especially their earlier selves here is Nottingham’s the Soundcarriers with an altogether fine blast of krautrock. Given its title it may also have drawn on those other purveyors of dense electronic textures Broadcast. What’s not […] 

Stereolab – Low Fi

The way music availability has gone now it makes you wonder how we were able to survive on so little in the early 90’s. Back then you could still chose your trusted sources, a radio show here, a British music […] 

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Only In My Dreams

Utterly awful band name but that hasn’t deterred ubercool label 4AD from climbing aboard. And their confidence in this LA act is well founded given the strength of tracks like ‘Only In My Dreams’ from new album ‘Mature Themes’. Ariel […] 

Baffin Island – Sorry For Myself

Although it is the 5th biggest island in the world it is unlikely that many outside of a small knot of indie pop fans (and even smaller local population) has heard of Baffin. Sporting a barren but beautiful landscape it […] 

Lord Huron – Brother (Last Ride)

In what has probably been the worst year for indie music albums since this blog began, 7 years ago, it thankfully appears as if 2012 has at last got its act together. And to the recent triumphs of Toy’s eponymous […] 

The Dying Seconds – The Ladder Drops

You can hardly read an article about the Cast of Cheers without reference to their supply methods, namely giving away their début away for free and how that cast them upon a wider audience. Those facts are beyond dispute but […] 

Adam And Darcie – Manuela Spinelli

What with her introduction to that RTE programme where non musicians try to becomes ones overnight it seems that Trap’s trusty translator could become a little better known in her adopted country. Of course if you are Republic of Ireland […] 

Nomadic Firs – In The Morning

Ryan Boos lives with his wife and a cast of chickens in rural America. He also records music as Nomadic Firs and releases them on ye olde media format cassette (a spooling tape device that is prone to miscalculation and […] 

Nicely Nicely – 49 Cigars

It sounds a good bit like ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ but when you’re looking for inspiration there aren’t many better options out there. It might surprise you that ’49 Cigars’ comes from a b-side on an obscure 1982 single from Londoner […] 

White Denim – Gas On F

Even before the ill fated tweet that was to be his comeuppance Irish Presidential candidate Sean Gallagher had lost me. Asked what type of music he liked all he could muster was “anything with a lively beat”. Now if he’d […] 

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