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The Morning Clouds – The Wrong Things

Despite what you might think this is not another Brian Wilson outtake that has been resurrected, seemingly by chance from its dusty perch in a forgotten outhouse. No this is the work of Josh Wambeke who presides over the Morning […] 

Fotoshop – Becoming Zen

You could call it dirty MGMT, but then what more would you expect from a north european purveyor of processed beats. As it is the hooks aren’t as clean as they need to be to ensure wholesale devotion, but that […] 

Shearwater – Animal Life

I’ve seen Okkervil River and Shearwater mentioned in lots of dispatches but, in an act of non inclination towards either band I never put two and two together. Namely, that one band is for all intensive purposes an offshoot of […] 

Arlo & The Otter – You Can’t Cry In Outerspace

Max Sollisch released a short EP on Indiecater a while back under his Dolfish moniker. It was the culmination of several communiques between us (most of which took place by good old fashioned letter, quaint eh?). At the time we […] 

The Pernice Brothers – Saddest Quo

If you like to bask in a haze of permanent Teenage Fanclubism then you are much like myself. A gilded chord here, a heavenly harmony there and put together with the precision of an eye for detail of a pre-industrial […] 

Hooray For Earth – Never

There’s no doubting that Noel Heroux of Hooray For Earth is informed by the 1980′s. How else can you explain the synth laden, partially digitised vocals and that huge belter of a chorus on new single ‘Never’. In truth it […] 

[Interview] The Last Names

We’re thankful to (husband and wife) Justin Rice and Darbie Nowatka from indie pop band the Last Names for offering up some time to us during what is a very busy year for them. Busy doing what I hear you […] 

Dizzy Eyes – Let’s Break Up The Band

This may owe a mighty debt to the Pixies (and the Strokes circa the turn of the century) but even the most ardent fan of that game changing 90′s act would have to tip their hat to ‘Let’s Break Up […] 

PS I Love You – Death Dreams II

There’s beauty in the drone and though we don’t get Paul Saulnier’s distinctive vocal there is so much to applaud we can do without it on this occasion. Take from PS I Love You’s second album this is the sequel […] 

Top 10 Indie Tunes That Feature Handclaps

We’ve already given you the lowdown on the top indie songs that feature whistling so why not exercise our brains a little attempting to identify the best ones that include decent hand to hand action. As it turns out the […] 

Bobby Darin – That Darn Cat

It been Culture night in Dublin and me being dad to 2 little ones I decided to mark the occasion with something altogether classy. As much as to say something that would otherwise not breach the snooty gates of ye […] 

The Lower 48 – The End

‘The Lower 48 craft folk songs you could swear you have been humming for years’ is what it says on their webpage and as it happens that’s exactly what I thought when I heard ‘The End’. It annoyed me that […] 

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