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Adam And Darcie – Manuela Spinelli

What with her introduction to that RTE programme where non musicians try to becomes ones overnight it seems that Trap’s trusty translator could become a little better known in her adopted country. Of course if you are Republic of Ireland […] 

Nomadic Firs – In The Morning

Ryan Boos lives with his wife and a cast of chickens in rural America. He also records music as Nomadic Firs and releases them on ye olde media format cassette (a spooling tape device that is prone to miscalculation and […] 

Nicely Nicely – 49 Cigars

It sounds a good bit like ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ but when you’re looking for inspiration there aren’t many better options out there. It might surprise you that ’49 Cigars’ comes from a b-side on an obscure 1982 single from Londoner […] 

White Denim – Gas On F

Even before the ill fated tweet that was to be his comeuppance Irish Presidential candidate Sean Gallagher had lost me. Asked what type of music he liked all he could muster was “anything with a lively beat”. Now if he’d […] 

Grizzly Bear – Half Gate

A couple of weeks on from its release and ‘Shields’ has picked up the blessing from most of the trusted review portals. All acknowledge a shift from ‘Veckatimest’s way with a tune but for all that Grizzly Bear are moving […] 

Why? – Sod In The Seed

I know Why? are much too clever for me, offering a wealth of lyrical intrigue that requires much more time that I can afford them. There are hip hop leanings too which I find off-putting because I have yet to […] 

Miike Snow – Devil’s Work

Apparently Miike Snow are big news, but don’t let that put you off because they are also quite brilliant. This is a Swedish 3-piece with tons of sales and a discography that has seen them buff up the recording output […] 

The Morning Clouds – The Wrong Things

Despite what you might think this is not another Brian Wilson outtake that has been resurrected, seemingly by chance from its dusty perch in a forgotten outhouse. No this is the work of Josh Wambeke who presides over the Morning […] 

Fotoshop – Becoming Zen

You could call it dirty MGMT, but then what more would you expect from a north european purveyor of processed beats. As it is the hooks aren’t as clean as they need to be to ensure wholesale devotion, but that […] 

Shearwater – Animal Life

I’ve seen Okkervil River and Shearwater mentioned in lots of dispatches but, in an act of non inclination towards either band I never put two and two together. Namely, that one band is for all intensive purposes an offshoot of […] 

Arlo & The Otter – You Can’t Cry In Outerspace

Max Sollisch released a short EP on Indiecater a while back under his Dolfish moniker. It was the culmination of several communiques between us (most of which took place by good old fashioned letter, quaint eh?). At the time we […] 

The Pernice Brothers – Saddest Quo

If you like to bask in a haze of permanent Teenage Fanclubism then you are much like myself. A gilded chord here, a heavenly harmony there and put together with the precision of an eye for detail of a pre-industrial […] 

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