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Solomon Grey – Firechild

I know, this could well be the Scissor Sisters with some of their geeky brothers supplying the admittedly fancy electronic noodling in the background. And don’t be fooled by websites that claim the band ‘is a Brighton based company selling […] 

A Monday Compendium

A Monday without work is like a Christmas without fighting so to celebrate we’ve decided to clear the decks of our in-transit basket – a purgatory of sorts for songs that are too good to guillotine but missing a vital […] 

Hospitality – Friends of Friends

The bands that catch our attention these days would most likely have caught our attention back in the 1990’s. The reason being that somewhere along the road to this new decade the innovators have stopped innovating, or to put it […] 

FNDTY – Never Die

Fandi Aditya chose to do it differently and because he operates on his lonesome it does make sense. He is informed by loud guitars with real song structures but the tools at his disposal are from an altogether more contemporary […] 

Champagne Champagne – I Fell Through

I would never dream of pretending to know anything outside of my indie comfort zone so when Seattle’s Champagne Champagne started to gingerly gnaw at my heartstrings I put it down to that 1% of me that gives other genres […] 

Best Coast – Gone Again

Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno are between them into Fleetwood Mac, Metallica and cats. Not that you could entirely tell from the summer pop that coarses through their records but then what our popstars do in their spare time should […] 

Power Animal – Exorcism

In a world where ones own haircut and apparel take precedence over concern for your unfortunate brethren it is heartwarming to discover artists like Power Animal signed to labels like Human Kindness Overflowing. For just last year the pair recorded […] 

The Soundcarriers – Last Broadcast

Speaking of Stereolab and more especially their earlier selves here is Nottingham’s the Soundcarriers with an altogether fine blast of krautrock. Given its title it may also have drawn on those other purveyors of dense electronic textures Broadcast. What’s not […] 

Stereolab – Low Fi

The way music availability has gone now it makes you wonder how we were able to survive on so little in the early 90’s. Back then you could still chose your trusted sources, a radio show here, a British music […] 

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Only In My Dreams

Utterly awful band name but that hasn’t deterred ubercool label 4AD from climbing aboard. And their confidence in this LA act is well founded given the strength of tracks like ‘Only In My Dreams’ from new album ‘Mature Themes’. Ariel […] 

Baffin Island – Sorry For Myself

Although it is the 5th biggest island in the world it is unlikely that many outside of a small knot of indie pop fans (and even smaller local population) has heard of Baffin. Sporting a barren but beautiful landscape it […] 

Lord Huron – Brother (Last Ride)

In what has probably been the worst year for indie music albums since this blog began, 7 years ago, it thankfully appears as if 2012 has at last got its act together. And to the recent triumphs of Toy’s eponymous […] 

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