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Saganism – Black Airs

Despite being taken from his ‘A Little Night Music’ album, Walter Higgins’ ‘Black Airs’ works equally well on a calm Sunday afternoon. It is the sort of shy retiring type you could expect from Richard D. James where he to […] 

Husky – History’s Door

This Melbourne band came to prominence after they entered ‘History’s Door’ into an country wide song competition and ended up scooping the prize. Certainly not an obvious choice for such contests but then Australia has been setting itself up as […] 

Annie & The Beekeepers – My Bonneville

From the off this reminded me of Aimee Mann and Michael Penn’s sublime cover of the Beatles ‘Two of Us’ (see the vid below). Such is the vocal chemistry between Annie Lynch and Andrew Michael Buri and the clean, almost […] 

Theresa Andersson – Fiya’s Gone

The first thing that popped into my head when I heard ‘Fiya’s Gone’ was the Van Allen Belt. On closer inspection and the reality that Theresa Andersson is actually from Sweden and not Pittsburgh meant that those early illusions were […] 

Tame Impala – Apocalypse Dreams

Believe it or not I’m often thrown off the scent by band names that don’t make sense to me. For this crazy reason I’m far more predisposed to clicking on a song by a group with a simple moniker. So […] 

[Interview] Mothlight

Matt Billings and Grant Stevens from San Diego’s Mothlight answered a few of our questions and promptly fluttered away into the night sky. Hugger: There is very little information to be gleaned about Mothlight, even on the great expanses of […] 

Acid Invaders – Now!

Suddenly I feel like letting my comb-over down. The Saturday night routine hasn’t slowly morphed into something entirely different it has instead catastrophically fallen off a cliff and smashed onto the jagged rocks below. All down to the loveable hugger […] 

[Mixtape] Pests

Featuring creepy tracks from these crawlies ~ Ride, Modest Mouse, the E.L.F., Black Moth Super Rainbow, Bearsuit, Sufjan Stevens, Eagle Seagull, The High Llamas, Art Imperial and Big Spider’s Back.  

Conor Mason – Words

For a man with such a genuine craft for writing beautifully soothing songs it is puzzling that notices of his existence are few and far between on home soil. Much be frustrating for the Derry man considering what big suckers […] 

Spirit Spine – Delta

Joseph Denney has had to put up with a tumultuous year, one that saw his world spin on its axis. Luckily though his musical craft remains undisturbed, if anything it may have even been reinvigorated. Not that it needed to […] 

Lotus Plaza – Out Of Touch

The genius that is Bradford Cox must satisfy his lust for endless creativity by engaging in several side projects away from his day job with Deerhunter. So you could be forgiven for thinking that that act is a one man […] 

[Interview] Slow Magic

Did we solve the mystery of Slow Magic? Not exactly, but at least he/she can be seen in the flesh on Irish shores this month. Hugger: So who is the man/woman behind Slow Magic or are you really just an […] 

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