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[Interview] The Last Names

We’re thankful to (husband and wife) Justin Rice and Darbie Nowatka from indie pop band the Last Names for offering up some time to us during what is a very busy year for them. Busy doing what I hear you […] 

Dizzy Eyes – Let’s Break Up The Band

This may owe a mighty debt to the Pixies (and the Strokes circa the turn of the century) but even the most ardent fan of that game changing 90′s act would have to tip their hat to ‘Let’s Break Up […] 

PS I Love You – Death Dreams II

There’s beauty in the drone and though we don’t get Paul Saulnier’s distinctive vocal there is so much to applaud we can do without it on this occasion. Take from PS I Love You’s second album this is the sequel […] 

Top 10 Indie Tunes That Feature Handclaps

We’ve already given you the lowdown on the top indie songs that feature whistling so why not exercise our brains a little attempting to identify the best ones that include decent hand to hand action. As it turns out the […] 

Bobby Darin – That Darn Cat

It been Culture night in Dublin and me being dad to 2 little ones I decided to mark the occasion with something altogether classy. As much as to say something that would otherwise not breach the snooty gates of ye […] 

The Lower 48 – The End

‘The Lower 48 craft folk songs you could swear you have been humming for years’ is what it says on their webpage and as it happens that’s exactly what I thought when I heard ‘The End’. It annoyed me that […] 

White – Red

This is a totally bonkers and utterly brilliant piece of innovation from a duo, Shou Wang and Shen Jing, from Beijing called White. The pair had collaborated previously but their output has taken a distinctly experimental electronic bent with White. […] 

Suburban Living – I Don’t Fit In

There are so many songs of this ilk sloshing around the internet it tends to blind one from their inherent charm. That might be all well and good if this type of stuff was reinventing the wheel but a charging […] 

An Introduction To Shoegaze

It has been a couple of decades since shoegaze was at its imperial best but we can’t still shake this genre from our heads. Here is a short snapshot, containing 20 tracks, offering you a rush of blazing guitar noise […] 

The Last Names – A Rainy Night In Soho

I’ll admit it now that I wasted thousands of gallons worth of my Mam’s petrol on Dire Straits ‘Brothers In Arms’. Wasn’t that I especially liked them but they were popular, I was impressionable and Texaco’s selection of cassettes was […] 

Fonda – Better Days

Given that Fonda were founded in the mid-90′s it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise when you hear their sound. And with ‘Better Days’ only appearing in 2011 it is unlikely that they are going to change tact […] 

Founds – Caves

It was on an early 90′s Dave Fanning 2fm session that Dolores O’Riordan first trembled those ‘so uncertain in love’ vocals. At that point, in a pre-blogosphere-discover-everything-that-ever-banged-a-saucepan age, it sounded like nothing else around and her fragily added to the […] 

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