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Gypsy & The Cat – It’s A Fine Line

The World Cup has been on so long I’ve almost forgotten how it feels not to be in awe of 22 men running around after a spherical leather object. The concept is almost daft when you think about it, how […] 

Happyness – It’s On You

So under the radar they may as well have taken up residence in a bunker at earth’s core this 3-piece London band could well become this year’s most coveted underground sensation. That’s if Happyness’ self-released debut album ‘Weird Little Birthday’ […] 

Daughter – Youth

Such was my flippant attitude towards Sons and Daughters that I somehow aligned London’s Daughters with them. Such is the lot of a head that approximates several hundred scraps of scrawled on scrunched up papers but thanks to a faultless […] 

Cults – Always Forever

You could lump this in with the Wannadies best song but then you’d have to factor in the knowledge that while Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion (!) were recording the album it comes from, ‘Static’, they were irredeemably pulling apart […] 

Sean Rowe – Madman

Despite possessing a voice that goes beyond that of Matt Berninger, a sound I cannot warm to, there is something altogether mesmerising about Sean Rowe’s baritone. And that’s even before you start digging to understand the character behind the music. […] 

Dump Your CD’s; It’s Time To Look At Sync Licensing

The dreaded dusty box full of unsold CDs taking up space in the dark recesses of your garage is something that most bands will sadly have to contend with. The chances that these media containing plastic discs will ever find […] 

Bipul Chettri – Wildfire

Now my knowledge of the New Delhi folk scene is no better or worse than your average indie bloke but when you’ve got operators like Bipul Chettri dispensing such splendid sounds as ‘Wildfire’ it may be time to discover what […] 

Dot Dash – Countdown

This is so unashamedly 90’s indie sounding I kind of hoped it was something that I had missed from way back then. As it turned out it was the product of a Washington band called Dot Dash from a mere […] 

Carriages – Iron And Fire

Surprising that Rusted Rail haven’t been on their case because this is the distillation of what that fine Irish label produces. As it is Carriages seem entirely happy with the way things are panning out, infiltrating the sounds of the […] 

The Clientele – Lacewings

Being that it was released in 2000 I can clearly remember praying that the modem wouldn’t go down overnight as I tried to stitch the remaining tracks from ‘Suburban Light’ onto a hard drive of little more spec than a […] 

Photoreal – Uncle

You could probably call it the Washed Out effect, the sound of a melange of electronica and dream pop corralled into a wistful whole. On this occasion the beautiful noise comes courtesy of Diwas Gurung (one half of the Brooklyn […] 

Ryley Walker – Great River Road

Given that it is written about a southern road that straddles the Mississippi River you can understand why it sounds like this. That it comes from a 24 year old Chicago native makes it all the more surprising but Walker’s […] 

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