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Laurie Cameron – Merry Christmas from Scotland (Lulled With a Stiff Drink)

Ok, that Petra Glynt track was probably a bit obtuse for early December so in an effort to redress the balance in favour of joy and triumphant sounds here is a beautiful track from Scottish bard Laurie Cameron. Although ‘Merry […] 

Petra Glynt – Sour Paradise

When everything all around is fluffy white snow and jingle bells it is sometimes nice to take a trip down an alternate laneway. And they don’t get much more diagonal than this piece of delicious bonkers from Toronto experimentalist Petra […] 

Eastern Hollows – Summer’s Dead

This immediately clicked and with quoted influences like the Stone Roses and Ride Eastern Hollows could quite easily have been a band that I created in my own head. The Brooklyn 5-piece have a debut LP in the works and […] 

Temples – Keep In The Dark

For someone who doesn’t like Marc Bolan or the T. REX sound it is quite odd how they popped into my head as soon as I heard Temples ‘Keep In The Dark’. The similarities do tend evaporate as the song […] 

A Beacon School – Bamboo

Have been watching with interest as this New York ensemble unfurl. There is a ragged glory to them that can’t be faked which could mean they are enormously talented and that debut album that they are hinting at for 2014 […] 

The Naked And Famous – A Stillness

If you thought all that New Zealand could produce was a seismic set of janglers under the auspices of an airborne cleric you’d be so wrong because there’s Big Runga for one and this zeitgeist freewheelin’ duo (and friends) called […] 

Ducktails – Honey Tiger Eyes

I’m sure it didn’t take a find-yourself jaunt to deepest India for them to come up with this new fangled psychedelic sound, they were probably just brought up on a diet of late era Beatles records. Perhaps not, maybe it […] 

The Eastern Sea – The Match

I knew I liked this band as soon as I heard ‘The Match’ but that grew to become love when I discovered that they’d also released a full Christmas album last December, called ‘First Christmas’. Now it takes a certain […] 

Coastal Cities – Summer Reign

Hopelessly out of seasonal context yet it is hard to not fall for this jangling beauty from English band Coastal Cities. Channelling an 80’s form of indie poppery this instantly leapt out from a throbbing mass of mp3ness. Declan Cullen’s […] 

Vadoinmessico – Perfect Strangers

‘Perfect Strangers’ tropicality might be a little out of sync with the time of year that we find ourselves in but sometimes we need something to lift the greyness. And a lack of ordinariness is something that the London based […] 

Shad – Fam Jam (Fe Sum Immigrins)

Big in Canada but not so much on this side of Atlantic but my what we have been missing going by Shad’s raptastic (spoken by an indie head with no idea about rap or hip-hop) ‘Fam Jam (Fe Sum Immigrins)’ […] 

Tin Charm – SN

I have probably said it about a dozen times on these pages before but the music scene in Dublin in the mid-90’s was a pretty exciting place to be. Not so much because of the bands that were visiting but […] 

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