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Beverly – Honey Do

Skirting between a long line of interesting bands including Crystal Stilts, Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls and Frankie Roses & the Outs the self-same Frankie Rose has now teamed up with Drew Citron on Beverly. The pair’s debut album ‘Careers’ […] 

Youth Mass – Dream On

Where to start with the driving, propulsive Galáctico that is Youth Mass’ debut LP? From a band who’ve rarely popped their head above the precipice release wise (apart from a couple of well received singles and an unheralded football song) […] 

The Harvest Ministers – Tombstone Eyes

Will Merriman is the institution that propels the good ship Harvest Ministers, an act that has been releasing fine records since 1993 (formed way back in 1987). His faithful may have remained undeniably small throughout the years but this is […] 

Still Parade – Health

If you thought that most modern music had lost its pulse then ‘Health’ from Berlin’s Still Parade should be a shot in the arm. Niklas Kramer is at the controls pushing his innerspace into the outer regions of the internet […] 

The Soft Hills – Golden Hour

You’ll probably know that ‘Golden Hour’ resonates with us but only once the song has slipped into a subtle flow that is defined by the shiniest of jangle. It comes courtesy of a band from Seattle, led by Garrett Hobba, […] 

Novo Amor – From Gold

There are Bon Iver comparisons, for good reason, but that sometimes cabin dwelling resident has never inspired a deep grá like Novo Amor is going to be party to. ‘Feels Gold’ is just perfect, emotional and immediate that builds through […] 

Cinerama – Because I’m Beautiful

I won’t have a word said against Spotify because for one thing it helps me put off the day when I head loftwards and deboxify every one of the several thousand CD’s I bought during a time when free music […] 

First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining

With real life orchestral sounds courtesy of their move to a major label Stockholm siblings Klara and Johanna Söderberg appear to be about to move up to the next level. And the lead song from upcoming album ‘Stay Gold’ throws […] 

Mac DeMarco – Blue Boy

Sounds like it should be playing in the reception of the main drink emporium at a white sandy resort doesn’t it? Yep and you your Lei wearing self could just afford a slinky hip movement such is its soporific charms. […] 

Phoenix – S.O.S. In Bel Air

In terms in pure pop this is distilled to 100% purity. Like what you’d get if you took the extremities of goodness from Two Door Cinema Club and added a zing of extra special something. Of course Phoenix have been […] 

Daniel Avery – Drone Logic

Not what you’d call typical Sunday music fare but then you nor I are a guard or a nurse so this could be the start of a brilliant weekend for some. And boy does this ‘Rez’ (Underworld) sounding beauty do […] 

Woman’s Hour – Her Ghost

The only trouble with ‘Her Ghost’ is that it doesn’t stay around for long enough, spiriting itself away until you return once more. Working really well as soothing background music this little St. Etienne recaller has more than enough to […] 

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