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Future Islands – Seasons (Waiting On You)

I doubt Sam Herring ever fishes for compliments, he just doesn’t seem to be that type of guy. And his band are the perfect template for building it up slowly, letting talent work its magic until one day the world […] 

Cat Dowling – The Believer

This is blistering stuff from Cat Dowling who appears to be channelling Sharon Van Etten on the title track of her LP from last year ‘The Believer’. And while that might lead to many an eye roll given the standing […] 

Soko – We Might Be Dead Tomorrow

Although positively ancient in the context of these internet times (it was first released in 2012) Soko’s ‘We Might Be Dead Tomorrow’ has still stirred a decent amount of interest thanks to its promo video and Soko herself Stéphanie Sokolinski’s […] 

Shoreline Is – Parts Per Million

Not content with producing one of the best football teams in Europe Dortmund also appears adept at challenging the cream of the continents dreampop acts with Shoreline Is. The follow-up to the band’s incandescent debut ‘Deal Kindly’ (they have a […] 

The Pickled Onions – Please Please

This is so reminiscent of the Clientele, or at least how I remembered how the Clientele sounded, that I actually went back to several tracks from ‘Strange Geometry’ to make sure it wasn’t too much of a leap. And you […] 

Blonde Summer – Slow Days Fast Company

LA’s Blonde Summer have a new EP called ‘High Times’ which will undoubtedly be reported on at a later date but for tonight this song is everything to me. As you can probably guess it is infused with a 90’s […] 

Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi – Black

You can probably now tell where we’re at in terms of our nightly viewing thanks to this song which so perfectly contrasted with the mayhem and countless twist and turns of the preceding visuals. Would never have guessed who it […] 

Outfit – Thank God I Was Dreaming

Although the central hook is one step shy of fantastically memorable the surrounding electro/vocal patter is gorgeous. And this from a Liverpool band that certainly lean on an 80’s template without ever descending into sticky pastiche like many of their […] 

Blunda – Messages

It’s safe to say Andy Blunda has been around the block a few times (he played in 90’s bands Fastball/ Paloalto and has written award winning music for TV shows such as ‘Storage Wars and ‘After the Catch’) but rather […] 

Sun Club – Beauty Meat

Baltimore’s Sun Club may sound like they are dragging their instruments behind them with the carefree nonchalance of a toddler enthralled by the sound that a saucepan makes. For this we love them but the eerie familiarity in their sound […] 

Slow No Wake – Everyone Needs Someone

With less time set aside for dieting on new music I instead tend to soundtrack the activity of everydayness with an ever shuffling soundtrack. For most of the time this results in pleasant background music that is rarely afforded the […] 

Alvvays – Archie, Marry Me

The omens were good, several nods from reputable sources and a single soundcloud tag that went by the name of ‘bandwagonesque’. That and the fact that several months earlier they had played a festival that wears its heart on its […] 

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