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Husky – Tidal Wave

There is definite talk of a new album in 2014 from Melbourne’s Husky following their debut ‘Forever So’ which was released on Sub Pop. That first step was impressive and what set them apart was in their insistence, a rarefied […] 

British Sea Power – Machineries Of Joy

With a song again informed by the title of a Ray Bradbury book Brighton band British Sea Power prove that they can read good as well as write beautiful music. What they do best, and ultimately what sets them apart […] 

The Rungs – Confluence of Anomalies

Not sure about you but I gave up a long time ago on bands that attempted to ply us with cast off 80’s synth lines. I mean it was bad enough the first time around but decades later it sounds […] 

Kishi Bashi – Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!

Kishi Bashi has admitted that the kernel of this song was in fact a short ditty for a Japanese commercial. Such was the overwhelming response that he thought fit to turn it into a fully fledged epic. And ‘Philosophize In […] 

Beck – Blue Moon

It’s always good to see someone who is roughly around the same age as you with the ability to surprise, to conjure greatness from thin air and in process prove that there is life in the old dog yet. ‘Morning […] 

Real Estate – Talking Backwards

Not that they weren’t writing perfect jangling ditties before their latest album ‘Atlas’ but the Brooklyn based Real Estate have now staked a claim for being the best the genre has to offer at present. It’s a simple formula really, […] 

Rah Rah – Prairie Girl

Maybe I’ve missed it but it’s hard to fathom how Rah Rah’s ‘Prairie Girl’ hasn’t infiltrated every occasion on the planet by now such is its industrious wherewithal. The Canadian’s band’s current album ‘The Poet’s Dead’ (their 3rd) has met […] 

Chris Cohen – Caller No. 99

Chris Cohen had existed up to 2012 in the fringes but his solo record on Captured Tracks that year proved that while he was an able foil in bands such as Deerhoof, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti and Danielson his talent […] 

Landlady – Above My Ground

This is the equivalent of spotting some artwork and buying the CD based on that aesthetic prompt alone. For once I clapped eyes on this band with the name Landlady I knew for sure that the goods within would be […] 

Cap Pas Cap – Friends

With barely enough time to consume the audio mountain these days I rarely get to watch visuals but the promo video for this one did leave some residue that required further inspection. In what is probably a tragic reflection of […] 

Indie Basslines From Heaven

This list of great basslines could never be exhaustive but we’ve tried to pick out our favourites – it’s up to you to let us know (in the comments below) about the ones we’ve missed. What has surprised us is […] 

Damien Jurado – Silver Timothy

11 albums in and still pumping out the goods Seattle artist Damien Jurado must surely be in line for a break or two. Not that being signed to Secretly Canadian can be anything else but a good thing but with […] 

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