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Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi – Black

You can probably now tell where we’re at in terms of our nightly viewing thanks to this song which so perfectly contrasted with the mayhem and countless twist and turns of the preceding visuals. Would never have guessed who it […] 

Outfit – Thank God I Was Dreaming

Although the central hook is one step shy of fantastically memorable the surrounding electro/vocal patter is gorgeous. And this from a Liverpool band that certainly lean on an 80’s template without ever descending into sticky pastiche like many of their […] 

Blunda – Messages

It’s safe to say Andy Blunda has been around the block a few times (he played in 90’s bands Fastball/ Paloalto and has written award winning music for TV shows such as ‘Storage Wars and ‘After the Catch’) but rather […] 

Sun Club – Beauty Meat

Baltimore’s Sun Club may sound like they are dragging their instruments behind them with the carefree nonchalance of a toddler enthralled by the sound that a saucepan makes. For this we love them but the eerie familiarity in their sound […] 

Slow No Wake – Everyone Needs Someone

With less time set aside for dieting on new music I instead tend to soundtrack the activity of everydayness with an ever shuffling soundtrack. For most of the time this results in pleasant background music that is rarely afforded the […] 

Alvvays – Archie, Marry Me

The omens were good, several nods from reputable sources and a single soundcloud tag that went by the name of ‘bandwagonesque’. That and the fact that several months earlier they had played a festival that wears its heart on its […] 

Ghost Wave – Country Rider

The sort of song that could play endlessly in your local indie tavern and no one inside would likely raise an eyebrow. Whether it was designed by this Auckland band from deep inside or from an approximation of the bands […] 

Elephant – Elusive Youth

Although it is quite obvious that London duo are mining Camera Obscura territory that doesn’t make ‘Elusive Youth’ any less attractive. There a couple of reasons for this, first and foremost this song has a chorus that will sweep you […] 

Jacco Gardner – Clear The Air

This is so on the money with its psychedness you may well scurry for a release date back in the late sixties. A forlorn trawl however because this baroque beauty has its origins in good old 2012, thanks to its […] 

La Luz – Big Big Blood

It may sound as if it is in need of a Tarantino movie to truly have a place it can call home but Seattle’s girl laden La Luz have proven they aren’t too shabby in ye olde promo making themselves […] 

Dancing Suns – The World

Was not expecting this, Nina Hynes in full reinvention mode with splendid results. Granted she always had the talent to make good on her genuine early promise but Dancing Suns is a marked step up from even that bright eyed […] 

Robert Lux – I Feel New (Feat Charlotte Sometimes)

He’s based in Brooklyn just like all the others but what marks Robert Lester out is that he makes his living from sonic endeavours. No flipping, waxing or stacking for Mr Lux because when he’s not collaborating with friend Charlotte […] 

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