#18 Adorable – Homeboy

Self-belief and talent are sometimes not enough to achieve immortality. Coventry’s Adorable straddled the boundaries of fame for a few short years in the early nineties but through a wicked combination of arrogance, bad luck and record company indifference imploded on a Belgian stage in 1994. Lead singer Piotr Fijalkowski was the Ian McCullough obsessive who had the snarl to match his openly disturbing lyrics. Creation’s wunderkid Alan Moulder produced ‘Homeboy’ which was one of the standout on the bands debut album ‘Against Perfection’. Despite the ferocity of the guitar parts, the marching to war percussion and dedicated bass riff ‘Homeboy’ is utterly embracing. The intense fury is tempered by Fijalkowski’s line ‘You’re So Beautiful’ and the distance jangle of sweet chords. The close out is alternative gold, a fizzing stick of dynamite that ignites and is responsible for as many indie disco injuries as ‘Smell Like Teen Spirit’. It has also been known to unblock gargantuan wax deposits. KD

Adorable – Homeboy

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Album: Against Perfection
Year: 1993

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