#23 The Coral – In The Morning

It might be as immediate as an out-of-office reply but there is something fundamentally loveable about ‘In The Morning’. Perhaps it’s James Skelly’s wholesome vocals that nod to fellow Liverpudlian Lee Mavers or maybe it’s just that loose-limbed strum that engenders sweet familiarity. But all winning formulas need a special ingredient and here it is sourced from the unlikeliest of sources. A mini xylophone overture is woven into the fabric of the tune and its repetitive nature makes it all the more endearing. You can trace a distinct nod to ‘My Girl’ in its execution but the ebullient charm is sufficient to throw even the mighty Sigur Ros a few more leads. You certainly won’t need your teeth to get stuck in, after several doses of this sugar coated pop you may not have any left anyway. KD

The Coral – In The Morning

Album: The Invisible Invasion
Year: 2005
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