#28 Dodgy – Summer Fayre

Dodgy had a lot going for them. Great songs, quirky image, neat t-shirts and their own fab club night meant that the scene was set for stardom. Aside from a few minor hits like ‘Staying Out For The Summer’, ‘Good Enough’ and ‘In A Room’, however, they remained on the sidelines. It’s a shame because their fluid harmonies and well-chosen references (early Stone Roses) could be a boon for listening ears. Dodgy’s first 2 albums exposes a wealth of material of the jangling kind and while their best seller ‘Free Peace Sweet’ was a tad diluted it had several moments of note. ‘Summer Fayre’ encapsulates the bands intentions and conjures Monkees like stylings with Beatlesque ingenious twists. This sounds like it was hatched in the sixties and the psychedelic edge certainly adds to the drama. The hold each other’s hands and sing out loud ending should be played at primary schools the world over during roll such is its potential happy inducing niceties. KD

Dodgy – Summer Fayre

Album: Melod-EP
Year: 1994
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