#31 Magnet – Lay Lady Lay

Yet another Bob Dylan cover that is superior to the original. And it’s not just the fact that Even Johansen has a craftier voice, here the regurgitation is dressed up in some wonderful atmospherics giving the song understated prowess. The backbone comes by way of the lush instrumentation and the soft interplay between Johansen and Ireland’s Gemma Hayes. The smooth delivery is remarkable, picture the synchronised sequeing of 2 young lovers heartbeats and you’ll approximate the lavish drift. The oboe, ghostly backing singers and violin turns swirl together perfectly creating the perfect bedrock for the singers. At last there’s an alternative for all non-musicians to woo the maiden of their dreams from her balcony, just make sure there is a power supply close by to power those ipod speakers. KD

Magnet – Lay Lady Lay

Album: On Your Side
Year: 2003
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