#36 The KLF – What Time Is Love?

Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty must go down as two of the oddest creatures in history of pop. Together they were the creative forces behind the KLF (Kopyright Liberation Front) and long before they had struck commercial gold with ‘The White Room’ they had written a manual on how to score a number one hit. Along the way they incurred the wrath of Abba and delivered several gallons of animal blood at the doors of an award ceremony to which they were invited. Not content with such daft manoeuvres they deleted their whole back catalogue and eloped to northern Scotland to burn one million sterling all in the name of art. The event was filmed with the intention of selling the recording for vast sums of money, sadly no eccentric could be duped into the sale. ‘What Time Is Love?’ is acid house/rave in a nutshell. It starts out like a cut from a schmoozy Alexander O’Neal’s album but quickly descends into a riotous example of what the Hacienda was pumping to back in the late eighties/early nineties. Listening now the song has retained an incredible energy even if it sounds completely of its day. It’s hard not to be taken in, I’ve already lost half a day searching for my moo moo whistle. KD

The KLF – What Time Is Love?

Album: The White Room
Year: 1991
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