#37 Chapterhouse – Pearl

Chapterhouse have been ignored for too long so here’s a belated attempt to get these dreampop evangelists back into people’s music players. This is music from a more innocent time, when you didn’t have to look back to march forward. ‘Pearl’ is a swirly concoction of featherlite vocals and jangling guitars. Add in a dose of chords that churn backwards in a meandering pattern and Rachel Goswell’s ethereal utterings and what you get is one of the most distinctive sounds from the scene that celebrated itself. ‘Pearl’ sounds so earnest when placed amongst the current crop of new wavers, the soundscape is broad and embracing often leaving the listener with little else to do but hum along. Chapterhouse never really progressed beyond their debut’s albums shimmering origins although the follow up single ‘Mesmerise’ floated piano keys and wandering vocals in the direction of certain g-spots you didn’t think existed. KD

Chapterhouse – Pearl

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Buy Album: [UK] Whirlpool [US] Whirlpool
Year: 1991

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