#38 Revelino – Been & Gone

Smack bang in the middle of the broken box John Peel used to keep his favourite (142) 7-inch singles is a copy of Revelino’s ‘Step On High’. Probably not too surprising to most people considering that the collection is as obscure as a creature from the ocean bed. But, for Brendan Tallon and his cohorts you can be sure it means a damn lot. Over an unblemished career (including the short-lived Coletranes period) Revelino steadfastly stuck to their guns, in a Teenage Fanclub like stand they know what they were doing was good and it was just up to the public to perk up and listen. I once met Tallon in Whelans (Dublin) and I asked him what he thought were the best songs from their sophomore album ‘Broadcaster’, he casually remarked that they were all brilliant. I was a bit surprised, as the album seemed a bit of a letdown. With his self-confidence ringing in my ears I decided to give the album another go. And do you know, he was right. Ingrained in the piece are so many joie-de-vivre moments from the pop masterclass that contemporary artists like Snow Patrol pale in comparison. ‘Step On High’ is indeed a bon bon assortment of twinkling poptastic ideas but ‘Been & Gone’ that closes the album is the one that truly stands out. The tune sounds like it was recorded on a trampoline such is the way it bounces from ear to ear on your headphones. The Byrds chords are omnipresent and the dual-layered vocals are so infused with the spirit of athletically vocalled Lennon and McCarthy it can be hard to breath. The fade out is a psychedelic trip that goes so right it could turn the listener into an addict. So thanks Mr Peel for reminding us that the best stuff might be out of sight but with a little of effort it can be uncovered archaeologically-like to (hopefully) widespread acclaim. KD

Revelino – Been & Gone

Album: Broadcaster
Year: 1996
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