#42 Stina Nordenstam – Something Nice

Her voice is like an icicle, cool, detached and sharp yet always alluring. She comes from Sweden and was announced to the world by way of a little star that barely twinkled such was its demur attitude. ‘Something Nice’ comes from the same album and bears all the hallmarks of a great Stina Nordenstam record. The music is unhurried and hushed to the point that you could be at max volume before all of its subtleties are unveiled. There is a childlike quality to the singing, a purity that only Bjork can match. The playing is sparse; a guitar is plucked delicately while a steady trumpet swerves into view at opportune moments. To the uninitiated the whole thing can seem a little odd. This is a world away from the mainstream diet of polished mediocrity, Stina Nordenstam is a singular talent doing something different and doing it with sumptuous verve. KD

Stina Nordenstam – Something Nice

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Year: 1994

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