#43 Bright Eyes – Road To Joy

It’s about time you discovered one of the most promising urban poets of our time. Conor Oberst may be only be 24 but his album ‘I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning’ is destined for greatness. While his trademark compositions lie in gentle brooding masterpieces ‘Road To Joy’ is about as lively as a double-saddled rodeo horse. This is a song in 2 parts; the first is restrained, calculated and tuneful. Oberst lashes out the wry couplets at a breathtaking pace so toe tapping will be tempered by a studious ear. Then as the listener enters the comfort zone, all hell breaks loose, brass sections flit about with gay abandon and the rest of the playing becomes as uneven as a silicon implant. When this boy decides to make some noise you’d better sit up and listen. KD

Bright Eyes – Road To Joy

Album: I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning
Year: 2005
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