#46 Joy Zipper – Dosed & Become Invisible

Joy Zipper can take depressing subjects but all it takes is a simple spin from their collective sun drenched harmonies to mask the potential unpleasantness. In fact, the guise is so good that their music is best enjoyed on a balcony in the Balearics at sunset. ‘Dosed & Become Invisible’ apes My Bloody Valentine in their more reflective moments and its impact is no less dramatic. It opens eerily with a mock quartet practising before the curtain falls, the twist occurs when Vincent Cafiso appears like Jason Spaceman on a flotilla of hushed aural aroma’s. There are guitars, strings, flutes and a pinch of bass yet the blend is so fine it is difficult to pick out where each makes its contribution. But it’s Cafiso stoned delivery that steals the show, appearing like a hot current of air on a balmy evening it is totally unassuming yet intensely appealing. As the brass sinks in and out of the mix you can’t help feel that some day there will no such thing as work or Alzheimer’s. KD

Joy Zipper – Dosed & Become Invisible

Album: American Whip
Year: 2003
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