#54 Paris Angels – Perfume (All On You)

The Paris Angels were completely of their time, melding the constituents of baggy; boys with guitars twinned with a propensity to add the necessary grooves to cock the ears of dance aficionados. They even borrowed from the Stone Roses penchant for headline grabbing graffiti (albeit, momentary) as ‘Sundew’s cover captures the moment when bright lasers emblazoned the bands name and album title across government buildings. The album went almost unnoticed at the time, which is a shame as it has plenty of worthwhile artefacts. The standout is undoubtedly ‘Perfume (All On You)’ an epic fusion of spurting beats, chunky keyboards and a trained indie sensibility delivering pinpoint chords and boy/girl harmonies. Despite its age the multi-textures still sound captivating, like Chapterhouse on E or the Happy Monday’s without. The finale bursts forward at will as the happy pulses struggle to get through the bottleneck that is your speakers. Your weekends may never be the same again. KD

Paris Angels – Perfume (All On You)

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Album: Sundew
Year: 1991
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