#57 Mike Batt – The Orinoco Kid

With the silly season on the way maybe it’s time to get a bit silly. Mike Batt wrote the songs for the Wombles and despite their fluffy exterior they could certainly belt out an impressive tune. This is a b-side taken from the ‘Super Womble’ 7-inch single and comes to you complete with impressive vinyl crackles and near-skips. The words recount the tale of the Orinoco Kid whose passion in life seems to have predated our modern day litter wardens; his was a bold, brave, fearless quest to clean up the grime in every town he encountered. Despite the daft premise, there’s no doubting Batt’s lyrical skills (‘I was quick on the draw, As I tidied up the floor’!) as well as his gift for catchy melody. If the Monkees had ever decided to record this it would surely have been a number one. The low-end production could have perfectly snuck in on any pastiche of the Spaghetti Westerns and will delight the whole family as they try and deflate around the yuletide log. If you are a fan of the Wombles ‘Wombling Merry Christmas’ is on its way in December! KD

Mike Batt – The Orinoco Kid

Album: Super Womble 7-inch
Year: 1975
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