#58 Cats On Fire – Higher Grounds

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There’s something about a jangling guitar that is hard to resist, combine said hand movement with a memorable vocal harmony and you’re ascending towards indiepop heaven. Finnish band Cats on Fire have the trick down to a T, even if their homemade efforts suggest that they don’t exactly have the music industry banging down their doors (http://www.catsonfire.tk/). One of their more memorable moments is ‘Higher Grounds’ which is wonderfully realised for a demo. There are echoes of Belle & Sebastian and the Field Mice in the grand tweeness but there is also wholesome feel to the way the song thunders along. The warm vocal harbours lots of pretty riffs and the action never falters for its whole duration. Impossible to dislike, easy to fall in love with, it’s surely only a matter of time before this band find a kindred label. KD

Cats On Fire – Higher Grounds

Album: The Seelonce Mayday Demo
Year: 2004
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  1. November 29, 2005

    Thanks, couldn’t tell whether it was Sweden or Finland from their website. Cheers.

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