#62 Doves – Meet Me At The Pier

While their most recent album ‘Some Cities’ hardly set the world alight Doves remain an awesome prospect. They are equipped to follow the easy route and knock off drop dead gorgeous pop anthems (‘Catch The Sun’, ‘Pounding’, ‘Almost Forgot Myself’) but then they’ll likely live more dangerously by dreaming an epic that reveals itself after repeated listens (‘The Man Who Told Everything’, ‘There Goes The Fear’). Coming from a dance background (Sub Sub) gives them an extra edge and helps blunt their Northern miserabilism. ‘Down To Sea’ is an unusual in that it’s an instrumental save for some lavish groans from Jimi Goodwin. Typically it begins with the sound of incessant rain; thankfully the circular soothing chord changes soon follow. After the first 20 seconds you have the tune in a nutshell as the wonderful riffage repeats itself until fade out. Not utterly compelling then, but nice for daydreaming as the winter nights draw in. KD

Doves – Meet Me At The Pier

Album: Lost Sides
Year: 2003
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