#65 Low – Just Like Christmas

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I’m sure we’ll all agree that the season of goodwill provides a perfect opportunity for the shysters of this world to get us to part from our over eager wallets. The scenario isn’t uncommon in the music industry either with every halfhearted, reindeer bell tacked on, attempt selling bucketloads in the run up to the 25th. Unfortunately I’m a sucker for the stuff, no matter who records a holly jolly effort I’ll be there with streams rolling from my eyeballs. I know you want me this year Mariah but I’ve got to help Kim put up the tree in time for the rockin party she has planned. Of course there are exceptions; from time to time a song appears that can stand up on its own two feet on the 7th of January. As you know Low aren’t your average pop band, they have single-handedly defined the slowcore movement over an engaging career and continue to unearth jaw dropping albums. ‘Just Like Christmas’ is a departure, however, with a deep seethed energy that is usually foreign to the band. The sound of sleigh bells is cleverly manoeuvred into the fabric of the tune (let me finish!) and the recording sounds like it predates ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ yet the honeyed vocals and barnstorming instrumentation would have Ebenezer himself throwing an extra coin into Cratchit’s salary. It’s taken from the otherwise soft spoken ‘Christmas’ EP and from this December forward it will light up your heart like the glow of a yuletide log. KD

Low – Just Like Christmas

More Info: Low
Buy The EP: [UK] Christmas [US] Christmas
Year: 1999

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    December 4, 2005

    dude, i love your blog. found it a few days ago. goodstuff here. cheers.‘ meowscat

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