#67 Looper – Mondo '77

Looper was the side project that turned into a full time gig for ex Belle & Sebastian man Stuart David. His exit from the latter certainly changed things and it’s debatable whether his new outfit were worth the schism. That said, Looper periodically throw up perfectly formed electronic pieces like ‘Mondo ’77’. The song even crept onto the Vanilla Sky soundtrack and stood out imperiously despite the stellar cast around it. ‘Mondo ’77’ has a frenetic danceability that is aided and abetted by the encouraging catcalls. Think Mylo after 5 rounds of bourbon or the Chemical Brothers were they to dust off their time capsule and be transported back to a more fertile period of creativity. No party should be without this over the next few weeks. KD

Looper – Mondo ’77

Album: The Geometrid
Year: 2000
Buy: Geometrid

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