#69 Pedro The Lion – Big Trucks

Fans of Pavement may need to set their sights on David Bazan who is the one-man army that propels Pedro the Lion. He is the creator of the simplest of musical whimsies but his flights of fancy have such a velvet cockpit worth of summery nuances it’s hard not to be taken in. His voice has the requisite morning after drawl and his guitars are characterised by a coterie of sweet riffs. ‘Big Trucks’ is charmingly innocent, impossible to dislike such is its propensity for smiling when a rough shove would probably be more appropriate. Bazan is a devout Christian and while this thought might have you hurtling in the opposite direction there is enough warm unfussy noise around the sermon to provide an able distraction. KD

Pedro The Lion – Big Trucks

Album: It’s Hard To Find A Friend
Year: 1998
Buy: It’s Hard to Find a Friend

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