#76 Beechwood Sparks – Confusion Is Nothing New

While the idea of country music would likely turn most peoples stomachs it’s amazing how many of today’s top groups have worked the strain into their output. One need not look further than Wilco, The Dandy Warhols and Ryan Adams to appreciate that the much maligned form has its uses. Beechwood Sparks are of a similar ilk; they may be a cohesive pop group yet there is an undertow that just begs to watch the western sun go down. The poppier elements were always going to boosted anyway when you have a member of the Lily’s (‘A Nanny In Manhattan’ coming soon) sitting in on drums. ‘Confusion Is Nothing New’ breezes into town full of trippy guitar reflections. Then, without notice it develops into a modern day Byrds creation when the pulse quickens and the jaunty playing harbours notions of reinventing the summer of love. This is classic pop that’s raises the hairs on your neck and then makes them sway in unison to the jingle jangle on offer. KD

Beachwood Sparks – Confusion Is Nothing New

Album: Once We Were Trees
Year: 2001
Buy: Once We Were Trees

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