#78 Idaho – Santa Claus Is Weird

Idaho - Levitate

You can now buy this song on our 2008 Christmas compilation called ‘An Indiecater Christmas’ here!

There’s no doubting the copious amounts of aural tinsel that December brings. Venture into any shop and suddenly you’re guest of honour at the most happening elf party in town. Kinda hard to be critical, however, as most of us develop an extra spring in our step once the seasonal bells and whistles start to invade our world. For those at breaking point, however, there is refuge in the form of the slow-core Californians Idaho who have created an anti-Christmas anthem in the guise of a lullaby. Jeff Martin’s voice is coarse yet alluring and the instrumentation is so lo-fi you’d imagine Iron & Wine had lent a hand. Leave this aside for the moment you feel like crashing into Chris Rea on his endless journey back to the black country. KD

Idaho – Santa Claus Is Weird

Album: Levitate
Year: 2001
Buy: Levitate

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  1. December 17, 2005

    Idaho! Great selection.

  2. December 18, 2005

    Just discovered you site, thakns for the great christmas songs!

  3. December 18, 2005

    fabby…even the freebie mp3’s i like to check parent directories..you can pick up lots of goodies that way too!!!

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